CoprHD 2.4 Released

For the latest on the CoprHD 2.4 release and other happenings in the CoprHD project, be sure to check out


Hopefully our progress has been visible to those of you following updates to this space. For those who haven't, I wanted to give an update on the issues mentioned in the prior blog post.

Now is the time to get involved and help shape the future of CoprHD!

News & Announcements

 to 6/29/2015

While CoprHD continues to be in preview mode, we are working on several topics to be published over the next 5-6 weeks

  • We are revamping the technical articles with more CoprHD architecture write-ups
  • We will publish process documents, templates and quality guidelines for software development
  • In the second half of July, we will repost the final release code to bring CoprHD to parity with the ViPR 2.3 'Jedi' Release
  • Will also add a roadmap page, where you can read about whats up and coming in Jedi

The above activities with allow us to move from preview mode to the contribution mode.

Stay tuned!