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PlatformExternal change triggered
VMAXFA ports in port groups are rebalanced, more ports are added outside of CoprHD
VMAXCoprHD created Storage group/Initiator group/Port group is renamed
VMAXCoprHD created Storage group/Initiator group/Port group is deleted
VMAXCoprHD created masking view is renamed.
Example: Changed to NO_VIPR, so none can delete it.
VMAXPre-existing Storage group/Initiator group/Port group ahead of CoprHD workflows.
Elements already in a group with same name as CoprHD created or populated into a different name 
VMAXVolumes removed from CoprHD created Storage groups.
Mismatches are triggered, with CoprHD thinking this is the last volume in SG.
VMAXCreate storage groups with invalid characters allowed by Solutions Enabler CLI,
but unable to be parsed by SMI-S (COP-25791)
VMAXExpand CoprHD created volume outside.
VMAXRe-installed SMI-S provider. SYMAPI database deleted.
VMAXGrowing storage groups(addition or removal of device) external to CoprHD
VMAXReplicas expired (time to live) set outside of CoprHD
VMAXReplicas created to source devices outside of CoprHD
VMAXReplicas created to devices are exported to backup host outside of CoprHD
VMAXSRDF added to source devices outside of CoprHD
Synchronous to Asynchronous or Adaptive protection status changed 
VMAXVolume created in CoprHD but Export/ un-export happens without CoprHD knowledge
VMAXChanging over utilized ports to new ports

Changing host I/O limits externally on ViPR created storage group and subsequent change vpool.

VMAXVMAX SRDF group itself is deleted or the mode changed to Adaptive/Asynchronous/Synchronous outside of CoprHD
VMAXHaving RDF groups with single letter "A" on the VMAX array
VMAXConfiguration lock applied at the service processor outside of CoprHD on the array itself.

Create devices outside of CoprHD with same device_label names, and execute delete operations

VMAXSRDF link is brought down, while change VP to SRDF protection is in progress

VNXSP ownership of CoprHD provisioned volumes changed outside SPA to SPB or vice-versa
VNXVPLEX + VNX backend outside of CoprHD.
VNXVLU limit is reached on VNX backend, reduce number of paths to VNX SG.
Remove VPLEX initiators from VNX-SG
Remove VNX ports from VNX-SG
VNXSAN Copy session created outside. Snapshot mount point configured for this LUN outside.
VNXProvider is re-installed with all of the VipR CGs gone. Provider remsys/addsys for VNX array executed outside.

Outside of CoprHD, an ignore initiator in the host initiator properties is applied.Once an initiator is ignored, the host can no longer access storage from it

Outside of CoprHD, an ignore initiator in the host initiator properties is applied.Once an initiator is ignored, the host can no longer access storage from it

VPLEXStorage views with exact names as CoprHD pre-created on leg1 or leg2 or both as part of metro-volume creation.
VPLEXDevice naming changed outside of CoprHD
VPLEXStorage view created by CoprHD, have additional virtual volumes exported to it from outside.
VPLEXStorage views created by CoprHD, have some exported virtual volumes un-exported from them outside.
VPLEXStorage views created by CoprHD, but deleted from outside, continue provisioning.
VPLEXSimilar issues with backend export masks.
Create mismatches in the VPLEX backend port(initiators)/ VPLEX backend volume/ Array ports outside. 
VPLEXVPLEX engine addition
VPLEXChanging back-end array-port allocation or VPLEX BE-port configuration.
VPLEXHosts having storage views in VPLEX Cluster-1, and moving to VPLEX Cluster-2
VPLEXBrownfield VPLEX environments with initiators in more than one storage view
SV1(init1, init2, port1, port2)
SV2(init1, init2, port3, port4)
VPLEXExpand VPLEX virtual volumes outside of CoprHD
VPLEXStop migration task outside.
VPLEXGrowing VPLEX from 1 engine to 4 engines
VPLEXLocal volume changed to distributed outside of CoprHD
VPLEXVPlex volume migrated outside of CoprHD to a different backend
VPLEXVolume expanded outside of CoprHD
VPLEXVPLEX created backend snapshot is surfaced as a virtual volume outside of CoprHD
VPLEXCGs are renamed or modified outside of CoprHD
VPLEXConversion from metro to local triggered outside of CoprHD
VPLEXSite growth Local to Metro or Site consolidation, Metro to Local
RPRP/VPLEX volumes are expanded outside of CoprHD
RPAdd addition RP devices into the RP consistency group.

Adding Recoverpoint protection to a Local VPLEX volume outside CoprHD

RPRP 1-site out of 3-site shutdown in the middle of provisioning or deletion


BrocadeZones and zonesets are renamed outside.
BrocadeHost is zoned to additional fabrics outside and CoprHD is unware.
BrocadeChanging Fabric IDs, and creating new ISLs (isolated to stretched)
BrocadeFabric name changes
BrocadePrincipal switch in fabric is replaced with new switch.
Old principal switch replaced with new CMCNE principal switches.
BrocadeFabric down for maintenance
BrocadeZone contents are replaced (add/removal of WWNs)
BrocadeZone name modified outside of CoprHD
BrocadeZone account is read-only instead of read-write

CiscoTrigger a zone commit failure
CiscoZone account is read-only instead of read-write

CiscoChange zoning to a export - host outside CoprHD
CiscoVSAN name change
CiscoPort moved over to another VSAN(HBA WWN is logged into different VSAN)


Host HBA WWN replacement/failure (Host added in "Other" category)
-Corresponding zoning change is done as part of this external
-Corresponding masking change is done as part of this external

HostGive HLU values greater than 4095
HostHost HBA alias changes outside of CoprHD
HostHost initiator ports are moved to a different fabric, discovered by CoprHD

ClustersLuns exported to multiple clusters outside of CoprHD
ClustersInvalid Cluster renames done outside of CoprHD
ClustersOne of the nodes in the cluster is renamed
ClustersExport to other clusters out side of CoprHD , clusters are known to CoprHD

VCenterESXs membership change. Removed from one cluster and added to another cluster
VCenterManual hosts morph into ESX hosts (using vblock blades), vcenter picks up the same hosts.
VCenterVcenter cluster name changed outside, with illegal characters, spaces in names etc..

Hyper-VInitiators are removed from one host and added to a different host.

Windows Standalone/ ClustersVolume exported to X hosts in a cluster, but one more cluster added to make it Y outside.

VBLOCKUCS blades getting swapped out outside of CoprHD