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This section will describe how existing tests or methods can be applied to this new functionality, or what new test capability should be added to enable testing here. Test link should reflect the old/new testcase mapping as desired. Overall testing scope should cover the following:

                Manual testing:

      • System level API Testing covering functional areas
      • End to End usecase test approach

      • Negative testsTest Automation

      • Co-existence and ingestion
      • LPAR testing will be covered on VMAX and VPLEX


      •  API based automation for testing new APIs
      • Catalog/API based automation for testing impacted areas
      • Testing priority for array as flow: VMAX, VPLEX, VNX, UNITY, XtremIO

                Migration of existing customer:

      • Migration script or document will be developed and validated


      • Combination of automation and manual testing

                Lab requirements:

      • HSM and VIOS servers and arrays are available in lab
      • Need to configure the required LPAR and LPAR clusters
      • Dummy hosts and array simulators will be used for automation                 

High level use cases those will be covered