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JIRA ID1-Line DescriptionComments, notes, etc.
  Define storage driver SDKDefine SDK interfaces, object model, APIs for available CoprHD services. Provide jar with SDK specification. Provide driver developer's guide. Define performance requirements for storage drivers.

 Define standard service option(s) model in driver

SDK (CTD CoS/LoS model is a source)

Define class model for standard service options. Base this model on CTD proposal for standard CoS/LoS model. Add this model to driver API.
 COP-17123 Implement CoprHD support for storage discovery using storage driver Implement ExternalCommunicationInterface class to support integration of DiscoveryDriver API.
 COP-17123 Implement CoprHD support for block storage provisioning using storage driver Implement ExternalBlockStorageDevice class to support integration of BlockStorageDriver API.
 COP-17123 Implement support for ExternalCommunicationInterface and ExternalBlockStorageDevice classes Implement required code in controller service to support discovery and provisioning through ExternalCommunicationInterface and ExternalBlockStorageDevice classes.
 COP-17123 Implement CoprHD services provided to storage driversImplement LockMangerImpl, RegistryImpl classes.
  Implement support for service options (standard capabilities) Service options discovery, persistence, use of service options in provisioning stack
  Support runtime upload of storage driversImplement non-disruptive support for upload of storage drivers. Can be done from "System Management" service catalog.
  Capability model specificationDefine Java based description for capability definition and capability instance classes. Provide specification for integration of device driver capabilities in CoprHD storage provisioning stack (vPool definition, storage pool matching).
  Implement support for capability based storage provisioning This is implementation task to consume capabilities of storage drivers and use them in CoprHD storage provisioning.
    Portal support for provisioning with storage managed by drivers Implement UI support for provisioning storage to driver managed arrays

Design Approach / High Level Implementation Details