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Effort  Low → 1 week,  Medium → 2 week,  High → More than 2 weeks




(L /M/H)

PriorityAssigned Owner



 1Improve Tempest Test Coverage  COP-21569MHNuji, Ranjith X-WING

 Consistency Group

  • Create CG from source, update and list CG

  • List consistency group snapshots

MNuji, Ranjith X-WING 

Automatic synchronization of tenants/projects between CoprHD and OpenStack  


 Hmaciej.mis   X-WING

 Create Image from Volume  COP-21570


 HPiotr Zedlewski   X-WING
 5 QoS
  •  Create/delete QOS
  • Associate/disassociate Qos to volume
ŸVolume types
  • Create/delete /update

Volume snapshots

  • Update extra specs for a volume type



  • Create/show/update volume metadata,  


Create volume from image COP-18259

 HMNuji, Ranjith  X-WING

 Volume actions

  • Image metadata for volume, 
  •  un manage volume, volume replication

Quota sets extension

  • Administrators only mode.
  • Also perform this operation at user level



 Volume type access

  • sets private/public access to volume Type
  • Create/delete/show Volume Type access

 Volume Transfer

  • Transfers a volume from one user to another user


  • Backup full copy of a volume to external service.
  • External service is Object Storage.
  • Restore from external service to either the same or new volume
  • Scope restricted to unattached and available state 
 15Volume Replication    



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