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Sometimes physical hardware is not available nor practical for the purposes of testing CoprHD contributions.  The CoprHD team provides a set of hardware (and hardware provider) simulators that allow you test critical functionality and perform sanity tests without physical hardware.

What is Simulated?


CoprHD does not have its own user store. Rather it relies on domain authentication servers such as LDAP.


(both 4.6.x and 8.0.x)

SMI-S is the interface CoprHD uses to manage VNX and VMAX. The simulator provides VNX and VMAX arrays via this mechanism.
Cisco SANCoprHD interfaces with Cisco via its interface.
Windows HostSimulates physical host initiators, export operations.
VPLEX via RESTCoprHD manages VPLEX via its REST API.

Simulator Deployment Options

  • To reduce footprint, you can install simulators on your CoprHD development kit directly
  • An OVF with a VM containing the simulators already configured may become available

Individual Deployments


Download the LDAP simulator package.

Download the SMIS simulator package.

Download the Cisco simulator package.

Download the Windows Host simulator package.

Download the VPLEX simulator package.

Note: Refer to Simulators for CoprHD 2.4.txt for information on the third party software included in the simulators packages and the associated licenses.

Place all .zip files in /simulator.

# unzip *.zip


LDAP Simulator Steps

SMIS Simulator Steps

Cisco Simulator Steps

Windows Host Simulator Steps

VPLEX Simulator Steps

All-In-One Simulator VM

   If you don't want to install each one separately and would rather just download a VM appliance that has all the simulators preconfigured:




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  1. Question - any chance we could get the SMI-S Simulator added to the Git Repo?  The revs/links change and I don't know what's in ver3 vs ver2 and which I should be using?




  2. Hey Curt I am not sure if this is possible yet. I will talk to a few folks to see.


    However, the latest CoprHD only supports vmax on the 803 providers and vnx on 462 providers.

    So If you want to discover both vmax and vnx on your CoprHD instance and work properly you will need 2 SMI-S Simulators.

    1. First one with VERSION= 80, ADD_V2_SYMM=yes

      1. VMAX V2 arrays

      2. VMAX V3 arrays

    2. Second one VERSION=462, ADD_V2_SYMM=no

      1. VNXBlock arrays


    If this was what you were asking about

    VMAX 10/20/40K are V2

    VMAX 100/200K are V3


    You can run them on the same machine but will need to have them setup on 2 different ports.

    You can do that by updating the configuration file located at
    Change all the 598X. ports to another like 700X or vice versa.

    <ECOMSetting Name="XXXX">

  3. Okay - this should get me going for the time being.  What does this line refer to: CoprHD only supports vmax on the 803 providers and vnx on 462 providers.

    803 providers?  464 providers?

    1. Hi Curt!  This is talking about SMIS (ECOM) provider version numbers.  SMI (Storage Mgmt Interface) is a standard interface for mgmt of storage of which EMC implemented and extended for its arrays.

      Version 4.6.x of SMIS is an earlier generation of provider software that supports VNX arrays

      Version 8.x of SMIS is the recent generation of provider that supports VMAX arrays.

      Technically version 4.6 also supports VMAX2, however CoprHD does not officially support use of 4.6 for VMAX2.

      The simulator gives you both versions depending on your needs.  Hope this helps!

      1. Sure does - thanks Bill!