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What did we do well?

  • Good Team discussions around architecture and functional areas.
  • Team is reaching out to other SMEs to validate approaches and soliciting feedback.
  • Look at and refining the Backlog.
  • Team responded quickly to change in design, restarting from scratch

What should we have done better?

  • Break Stories into smaller deliverables that can be realized in the Sprint.
  • Log Work procedure should be done by the members of the team at the COB so that you can determine your burndown and how your are progressing during the Sprint.
  • Stories need to be broken down into tasks and due dates/estimates done for items in the Sprint
  • Ownership of items/tasks should be clear and communicated by the team members. Duplication of effort should not be happening.
  • Testing focus needs to be part of the work from the beginning. 
  • Team needs to understand the capacity of the individual member before signing up for Sprint items.


  • have a sync up meeting if all members can’t be present at the same time at the planning meeting in the beginning of the sprint.  (to make sure we understand who's doing what)