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What did we do well?

  • Completed 3 stories (for 7 SP) and 1 bug
  • Communication is good, between IM/email, as well as regular meetings

  • Team is tracking progress in JIRA

  • Working well to engage outside of team (i.e.: RackHD, ADG, etc)
  • Great Team work

  • Meeting the timeline

What should we have done better?

  • Held over 1 story (defects needed to be corrected)
  • Story descriptions are sparse (no details on testing or what acceptance criteria is)
  • Seems like we’re all planning separately and not necessarily working towards a common goal right now.  Should we set a goal like “at the end of sprint 2 we should be able to run a workflow on a 3 node ViPR appliance without manual intervention” or something like that?  I’m a little worried that we’re all adding our separate pieces and we’re going to end up with this big integration waterfall at the end.


  • Team will set a goal for sprint 2 during planning so we know what we will have at the end of it

1 Comment

  1. Team, Usually the team chooses something(s) that they will commit to improving in the next sprint. I even change the heading of "Actions" to say just that - "What will the team commit to improving in the next Sprint" as it is all about continuous improvement. One way to look at it based on the feedback under "What should we have done better? in this Sprint, select an item or items that you will improve on in the next sprint. You have very good items under what could have been done better. I would recommend that you tackle better Planning as a team or maybe better Stpry writing or both. I will leave that up to the team.