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Southbound SDK: OSU has started designing test cases for new Driver this week, hope to send it to @EvgenyRoytman by the end of the week

Wiki for the Southbound SDK: Integration of Storage Device Drivers

The southbound Development work has been pushed to Stash, so it is available for implementation.


OpenStack Integration: QoS API is being integrated into CoprHD with the "GET" path working currently.  More work to do in order to complete, but the basic framework and response is in place.


OpenStack Summit is next week.  We will still meet, but Ura, Reddy, and Julio will not be attending.  Curt will run the meeting.


Raw Minutes:

[Oct-21 8:00 AM] urayoan irizarry: ************************** Wednesday Oct 21, 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" *****************************
[Oct-21 8:00 AM] urayoan irizarry: Hello!
[Oct-21 8:00 AM] Shujin Wu: Good morning, Ura :D
[Oct-21 8:00 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: hello!! Good morning!! :)
[Oct-21 8:00 AM] urayoan irizarry: Curt is stuck in traffic. He'll be here as soon as he can.
[Oct-21 8:01 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Hi good morning 😃
[Oct-21 8:01 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Good morning!
[Oct-21 8:04 AM] Tom Watson: Hi There.
[Oct-21 8:04 AM] urayoan irizarry: Hi Tom.
[Oct-21 8:04 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, let's get started.
[Oct-21 8:05 AM] urayoan irizarry: How are things going with the southbound SDK?
[Oct-21 8:06 AM] Evgeny Roytman: It is going good. I added CG related methods to the SDK. Started to work on standard capability classes.
[Oct-21 8:07 AM] Shujin Wu: # the southbound SDK Status# We finished original test cases review, and start designing test cases for new Driver this week, hope to send it to @EvgenyRoytman by the end of the week
[Oct-21 8:07 AM] Evgeny Roytman: The plan is to use the SDK for CloudArray integration.
[Oct-21 8:07 AM] Evgeny Roytman: as well.
[Oct-21 8:07 AM] urayoan irizarry: cool
[Oct-21 8:07 AM] urayoan irizarry: Did we get a wiki page for this project?
[Oct-21 8:08 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Yes.
[Oct-21 8:08 AM] urayoan irizarry: awesome.
[Oct-21 8:08 AM] JMW: finally
[Oct-21 8:08 AM] Ben Perkins: And that Wiki page is....
[Oct-21 8:08 AM] Evgeny Roytman: The SDK project of CloudArray project?
[Oct-21 8:09 AM] Evgeny Roytman: I was meaning the SDK, when I answered "Yes".
[Oct-21 8:09 AM] urayoan irizarry: right.
[Oct-21 8:09 AM] JMW: @EvgenyRoytman right - what's the URL again?
[Oct-21 8:10 AM] urayoan irizarry: we need a page for the scaleIO implementation. Probably one for Cloud Array as well.
[Oct-21 8:10 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Give me a second.
[Oct-21 8:10 AM] JMW: and we should publish a blog post all about the SB SDK
[Oct-21 8:10 AM] JMW: and the integration work we're doing
[Oct-21 8:10 AM] Curt Bruns: @JMW +1
[Oct-21 8:10 AM] JMW: who wants to do that?
[Oct-21 8:10 AM] Curt Bruns: What is the Cloud Array Project?
[Oct-21 8:11 AM] JMW: @cebruns I assume it's YASBI
[Oct-21 8:11 AM] JMW: (yet another southbound integration)
[Oct-21 8:11 AM] Evgeny Roytman: There is CloudArray product, you can google it.
[Oct-21 8:12 AM] urayoan irizarry: Suzi, can you take care of the scaleIO SBI page?
[Oct-21 8:12 AM] Shujin Wu: what do you expect in the page?
[Oct-21 8:13 AM] urayoan irizarry: What it is, how you're doing it, how you're testing it, and maybe some expected timelines?
[Oct-21 8:13 AM] urayoan irizarry: something like that?
[Oct-21 8:13 AM] JMW: yeah, current status and "how can I test it now now now"
[Oct-21 8:13 AM] Curt Bruns: @EvgenyRoytman - got it. Cool - thanks.
[Oct-21 8:13 AM] urayoan irizarry: @EvgenyRoytman Do you know who is doing the cloud array work?
[Oct-21 8:14 AM] Shujin Wu: Something like a detailed status update?
[Oct-21 8:14 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Is it the overall design of the test cases @ura ?
[Oct-21 8:14 AM] Evgeny Roytman: @ura Ameer.
[Oct-21 8:14 AM] JMW: @ShujinWu right - but what's really important here is to get more people testing.
[Oct-21 8:14 AM] Shujin Wu: Something like a detailed status update?
[Oct-21 8:15 AM] JMW: @ShujinWu so if it's in a state that others can use it, even if it's incomplete, then explain how to go about that
[Oct-21 8:15 AM] urayoan irizarry: @BenPerkins Can you ask Ameer to make a page in the wiki for the cloud array project?
[Oct-21 8:15 AM] Shujin Wu: Sure, I can do it : )
[Oct-21 8:15 AM] JMW: @ShujinWu awesome :)

[Oct-21 8:16 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Sure we can do it
[Oct-21 8:16 AM] urayoan irizarry: @ShujinWu Right, the intent is to have something that anyone can go to find out what's going on and what to expect.
[Oct-21 8:16 AM] Evgeny Roytman: I will talk with Ameer about this. I am not sure on which stage he is.
[Oct-21 8:16 AM] Ben Perkins: Thanks @EvgenyRoytman
[Oct-21 8:16 AM] urayoan irizarry: Eventually, I would love it if it becomes a kind of pattern that future integrators can follow.
[Oct-21 8:16 AM] Shujin Wu: Sure, I can do it : )
[Oct-21 8:16 AM] JMW: @ura +1
[Oct-21 8:16 AM] urayoan irizarry: Thanks @EvgenyRoytman
[Oct-21 8:16 AM] Evgeny Roytman: This is one of the SDK wiki pages:
[Oct-21 8:17 AM] Link: Integration of Storage Device Drivers - CoprHD - Confluence
Release of CoprHD as open software product is expected to attract attention from 3-rd party storage vendors. It is anticipated that vendors will start integrating their arrays into CoprHD.
[Oct-21 8:17 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, anything else with SB SDK?
[Oct-21 8:17 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Apologies, need to step out for a minute.
[Oct-21 8:17 AM] urayoan irizarry: no worries
[Oct-21 8:18 AM] Shujin Wu: That's all for us :)
[Oct-21 8:18 AM] urayoan irizarry: great. Thanks
[Oct-21 8:18 AM] Varun Rajgopal: @ura I have one question
[Oct-21 8:18 AM] urayoan irizarry: yes?
[Oct-21 8:18 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Do you want us to mention about the deadlines?
[Oct-21 8:19 AM] Varun Rajgopal: For the test cases for the SB SDK
[Oct-21 8:19 AM] urayoan irizarry: Sure, why not. :)
[Oct-21 8:19 AM] urayoan irizarry: It's a good way to set expectations. You can adjust as needed as you go.
[Oct-21 8:19 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Sure thank you 😃
[Oct-21 8:19 AM] urayoan irizarry: @cebruns ?
[Oct-21 8:19 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, what's next?
[Oct-21 8:20 AM] urayoan irizarry: I mean, Is Curt next?
[Oct-21 8:20 AM] Curt Bruns: @MaciejMiś - Maciej - can you update on the QoS API status?
[Oct-21 8:21 AM] Piotr Zedlewski: Maciej is not here today
[Oct-21 8:21 AM] Curt Bruns: Oh - okay. Sorry - I saw his name in the room.
[Oct-21 8:21 AM] Curt Bruns: I can update.
[Oct-21 8:21 AM] Piotr Zedlewski: but basically we've started the development
[Oct-21 8:22 AM] Piotr Zedlewski: oh, ok go ahead
[Oct-21 8:22 AM] Curt Bruns: Yes, we are starting on the implementation of the QoS API.
[Oct-21 8:22 AM] Curt Bruns: Basically when OpenStack asks Cinder for QoS, CoprHD needs to respond accordingly.
[Oct-21 8:22 AM] JMW: @cebruns cool. Where can I learn more about this project?
[Oct-21 8:22 AM] Curt Bruns: As CoprHD is acting as Cinder endpoint in our setup.
[Oct-21 8:23 AM] Curt Bruns: @JMW - good question.
[Oct-21 8:23 AM] JMW: :)
[Oct-21 8:23 AM] Curt Bruns: I don't think we have a Wiki for it yet.
[Oct-21 8:23 AM] JMW: @cebruns ok
[Oct-21 8:23 AM] Curt Bruns: It's in a feature branch on the CoprHD source repo.
[Oct-21 8:23 AM] Emilia Haligowska: here is the name of the branch we we'll work on: feature-qos-service
[Oct-21 8:23 AM] Emilia Haligowska: bu there is no commits yet
[Oct-21 8:23 AM] Curt Bruns: We can create a wiki to outline what we're doing.
[Oct-21 8:23 AM] JMW: hrm... do we create a different branch for every feature?
[Oct-21 8:24 AM] urayoan irizarry: cool
[Oct-21 8:24 AM] JMW: @cebruns that would be great
[Oct-21 8:24 AM] Piotr Zedlewski: we decided to do so for this feature
[Oct-21 8:24 AM] Tom Watson: @cebruns Please put it under the Projects section under drafts. Yes, a separate wiki for each project generally.
[Oct-21 8:24 AM] JMW: @PiotrZedlewski ok
[Oct-21 8:24 AM] Curt Bruns: @TomWatson - Sounds good.
[Oct-21 8:25 AM] JMW: @PiotrZedlewski at what point do you merge it under master or some other release branch?
[Oct-21 8:25 AM] JMW: and when do we plan to declare "code complete" for this cycle so that we can start pushing out alpha/beta/RC
[Oct-21 8:25 AM] Piotr Zedlewski: So, different branch for this feature to be able to test it out. I think it hasn't been decided yet for future features.
[Oct-21 8:26 AM] JMW: @PiotrZedlewski ok
[Oct-21 8:26 AM] Piotr Zedlewski: I think when we call it feature complete, we'll request for a code review
[Oct-21 8:26 AM] JMW: ok
[Oct-21 8:26 AM] Ben Perkins: Yes, that's correct.
[Oct-21 8:26 AM] Piotr Zedlewski: and then we'll merge it to master branch
[Oct-21 8:26 AM] JMW: ok, cool
[Oct-21 8:26 AM] Ben Perkins: Well, we'll merge it to the correct branch at the time.
[Oct-21 8:27 AM] Piotr Zedlewski: correct
[Oct-21 8:27 AM] JMW: ok
[Oct-21 8:27 AM] Tom Watson: Generally we target features for certain releases. If you're not sure of release, make a directory "Future" or something to hold it. A design review needs to occur, and then approvals acquired. There is an empty project template available. After design is reviewed and code is reviewed, and approvals, code can be merged. @Ben can comment more on process.
[Oct-21 8:29 AM] Ben Perkins: Yep, anything that's still under design development now would either be targetted for Yoda (Spring release) or something that hasn't yet been defined that's beyond that.
[Oct-21 8:30 AM] Curt Bruns: @Ben @TomWatson - Great. Thanks for the overview. We are working on the design spec for QoS impl.
[Oct-21 8:30 AM] JMW: @TomWatson Ok. so are we currently in the Yoda release cycle? Sorry for dumb questions - just trying to map it all out
[Oct-21 8:30 AM] urayoan irizarry: We need to make a nice release page once we are all done with the governance and process stuff.
[Oct-21 8:30 AM] Tom Watson: There is a Darth SP1 release that has some pending projects, but it is very near term; development done in a week or two. You probably won't make that.
[Oct-21 8:31 AM] JMW: @TomWatson Excellent. I love to be able to talk about a new release :)
[Oct-21 8:31 AM] Curt Bruns: @JMW - The roadmap on the Wiki shows Block Storage Services for OpenStack in the Yoda Release.
[Oct-21 8:31 AM] Link: Roadmap - CoprHD - Confluence
This page will be periodically updated to reflect the key themes which constitutes the roadmap for upcoming 6-12 months. Themes in this list can and will generate multiple projects which will be tracked in JIRA and Wiki.
[Oct-21 8:31 AM] JMW: @cebruns cool, thanks
[Oct-21 8:32 AM] JMW: @ura I wouldn't wait for that.
[Oct-21 8:32 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, we can clarify in the page that it's pending approval.
[Oct-21 8:32 AM] JMW: @ura cool

[Oct-21 8:32 AM] Curt Bruns: @JMW - we will need to decide what version of OpenStack we want to target. I'm thinking Liberty since it just hit RC, but we're having issues even with Kilo as the dev has been done against Juno.
[Oct-21 8:33 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, who's next? Or are we ready for new items?
[Oct-21 8:33 AM] JMW: @cebruns ah, ok. yeah, it's a moving target. Ask Randy Bias if there's an "easier" way to stay up on current openstack releases
[Oct-21 8:34 AM] Curt Bruns: @JMW :)
[Oct-21 8:36 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Liberty is OK.
[Oct-21 8:36 AM] JMW: @cebruns I feel your pain
[Oct-21 8:36 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: By the time, we have release out in customer hands it will be at least one rev behind
[Oct-21 8:36 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Normally end customers don't upgrade that frequently
[Oct-21 8:37 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Mirantis typically is 2 revs behind for their distro
[Oct-21 8:37 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: I believe HP is in similar boat
[Oct-21 8:37 AM] JMW: @ANJANEYACHAGAM that is true - but Mirantis and others have a bleeding edge version that is current
[Oct-21 8:37 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: To sum it up, we hope to have Liberty in end customer envs by the time CoprHD release comes out
[Oct-21 8:37 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: No - not bleeding edge
[Oct-21 8:38 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Otherway
[Oct-21 8:38 AM] JMW: @ANJANEYACHAGAM and if we want to get lots of testers/users/devs/ I think we need to have support for newly released openstack upstream distros
[Oct-21 8:38 AM] JMW: @ANJANEYACHAGAM ok
[Oct-21 8:38 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: yeah
[Oct-21 8:38 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: We will end up having both

Oct-21 8:38 AM
JMW has to step out for a bit. back in 5 mins
[Oct-21 8:38 AM] JMW: ok
[Oct-21 8:38 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: One end customer/stable distro support
[Oct-21 8:38 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: and the other w/ latest pre released one to stay on top
[Oct-21 8:39 AM] JMW: +1
[Oct-21 8:39 AM] Curt Bruns: Makes sense
[Oct-21 8:41 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Can we move onto Driver Dev kit status?
[Oct-21 8:41 AM] urayoan irizarry: Already done. Do you have a question?
[Oct-21 8:41 AM] urayoan irizarry: You mean southbound SDK, right?
[Oct-21 8:41 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: OK - let me browse thru :(
[Oct-21 8:42 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Shujin - can you summarize what you guys signed up to do?
[Oct-21 8:42 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: test-cases and ScaleIO new driver?
[Oct-21 8:43 AM] Varun Rajgopal: We have started the design for test cases for the new driver
[Oct-21 8:43 AM] Shujin Wu: yeah, like @VarunRajgopal said
[Oct-21 8:43 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Is that the only scope?
[Oct-21 8:44 AM] Varun Rajgopal: No
[Oct-21 8:44 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: We have finished existing test case code review last week, this week we are designing test cases for new driver....
[Oct-21 8:44 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: I see that as small effort
[Oct-21 8:45 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: ok - to sum it up, entire OSU team is working on automated test-cases for SDK right?
[Oct-21 8:46 AM] Shujin Wu: but we don't have much time left for this week, we are planing to finish individual work on Thursday
[Oct-21 8:46 AM] Varun Rajgopal: We would finish the design document for the test cases by end of this week and start working on the main code
[Oct-21 8:46 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: what is the timeline?
[Oct-21 8:46 AM] Shujin Wu: Friday
[Oct-21 8:47 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: document - ??, dev - ??,
[Oct-21 8:47 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Friday is design doc?
[Oct-21 8:47 AM] Shujin Wu: Yes
[Oct-21 8:47 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: for test cases
[Oct-21 8:47 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: what next?
[Oct-21 8:47 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Yes your right
[Oct-21 8:47 AM] Shujin Wu: Design for implementation
[Oct-21 8:47 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Yes we do have it on OSU Jira
[Oct-21 8:48 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: I am trying to get clarity on timeline
[Oct-21 8:48 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Yes by friday will have design document
[Oct-21 8:48 AM] urayoan irizarry: oh, you're using another Jira?
[Oct-21 8:48 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: It needs to be posted in CoprHD website
[Oct-21 8:48 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: not in OSU JIRA
[Oct-21 8:48 AM] urayoan irizarry: They are also going to make a wiki page with this info so that we can all get visibility into it.
[Oct-21 8:48 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Yes, @ura
[Oct-21 8:48 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Ok sure @ANJANEYACHAGAM
[Oct-21 8:48 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: ok - nice
[Oct-21 8:49 AM] Shujin Wu: we have a OSU Jira, give us more flexibility
[Oct-21 8:49 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Isn't it one and same backend
[Oct-21 8:49 AM] urayoan irizarry: Why not just use the CoprHD Jira?
[Oct-21 8:49 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: between CoprHD Jira and OSU Jira
[Oct-21 8:50 AM] Shujin Wu: the reason we didn't do it on CoprHD Jira is because we are not sure we have enough control
[Oct-21 8:51 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Pl touch base w/ Ura
[Oct-21 8:51 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Yes , as shujin said....
[Oct-21 8:51 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: He will help you
[Oct-21 8:51 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Everything needs to be in CoprHD
[Oct-21 8:51 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: including draft revs
[Oct-21 8:51 AM] urayoan irizarry: Sure, let me know what you need and we'll get it for you.
[Oct-21 8:51 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Ok sure @ANJANEYACHAGAM
[Oct-21 8:51 AM] Ben Perkins: As contributors, you have quite a bit of control in JIRA
[Oct-21 8:51 AM] Ben Perkins: If there is something that's not working for you, please let us know.
[Oct-21 8:52 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: ok sure @ura
[Oct-21 8:52 AM] Shujin Wu: Okay
[Oct-21 8:52 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Exactly, Agree 200% - thx Ben

[Oct-21 8:52 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Sure @ura and @BenPerkins
[Oct-21 8:52 AM] urayoan irizarry: uhoh, looks like we're almost up.
Does anyone have any other issues or concerns to bring up?
From my end, just a reminder that Curt will run next week
[Oct-21 8:53 AM] Curt Bruns: @ura - No problem. You don't want to login from Tokyo? :)
[Oct-21 8:53 AM] urayoan irizarry: Reddy, JVM, Julio, and I will be in the openstack summit and will probably not make it.
[Oct-21 8:53 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: I have a quick question.... that we came up with....
[Oct-21 8:53 AM] urayoan irizarry: I might if I'm awake, but don't want to commit to it. :)
Go ahead
[Oct-21 8:54 AM] urayoan irizarry: question?
[Oct-21 8:55 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: So do you guys want a new page to have those information and document for Coprhd South Bound driver on new page or on this page
[Oct-21 8:55 AM] Link: Integration of Storage Device Drivers - CoprHD - Confluence
Release of CoprHD as open software product is expected to attract attention from 3-rd party storage vendors. It is anticipated that vendors will start integrating their arrays into CoprHD.
[Oct-21 8:55 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: i mean where we should write?
[Oct-21 8:55 AM] urayoan irizarry: I think a new page
[Oct-21 8:55 AM] Evgeny Roytman: @PrathameshPatkar New page. This is SDK page.
[Oct-21 8:56 AM] Ben Perkins: If this counts as a new feature design, then it should be under the draft designs folder and use that template.
If it's more along the lines of arch, it could be under the technical documents.
[Oct-21 8:57 AM] Evgeny Roytman: ScaleIO driver is a new feature in my understanding.
[Oct-21 8:57 AM] urayoan irizarry: But we can move it around after you make it. The important thing right now is to make it. :)
[Oct-21 8:57 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Ok
[Oct-21 8:58 AM] Ben Perkins: Yep, it sounds like it could be created as a draft design under the Yoda drafts. As indicated, we can always move it.
[Oct-21 8:58 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok then,
[Oct-21 8:58 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Assume EMC team is doing this
On the actual code SDK development, what is the current status?
[Oct-21 8:58 AM] urayoan irizarry: thank you all for coming. Feel free to stick around, but I also want to let folks go if they need to. :)
[Oct-21 8:58 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Sure @BenPerkins ,
[Oct-21 8:59 AM] JMW: w00t
[Oct-21 8:59 AM] urayoan irizarry: doing what Reddy?
core service changes
[Oct-21 8:59 AM] urayoan irizarry: ah yes
[Oct-21 8:59 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: development
[Oct-21 8:59 AM] urayoan irizarry: the page is linked above
[Oct-21 8:59 AM] Evgeny Roytman: The SDK and support for it is under progress. I posted SDK draft for review two+ weeks ago. No comments so far. Now it is a bit outdated.
[Oct-21 9:00 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Have you started development?
[Oct-21 9:00 AM] Evgeny Roytman: There is also SDK page in Yoda release.
@ANJANEYACHAGAM Yes. I pushed private branch with all dev. work to Stash.
[Oct-21 9:01 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: ok - cool.
Let me take a look
[Oct-21 9:01 AM] Evgeny Roytman: To make it visible.
[Oct-21 9:02 AM] urayoan irizarry: @cebruns are you ok with doing the minutes?
[Oct-21 9:04 AM] urayoan irizarry: Thank you all for coming again. :)
************************** END OF Wednesday Oct 21, 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" ****************************

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