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[8:00 AM] Curt Bruns: ************************** Wednesday Oct 7, 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" *****************************
[8:01 AM] Shujin Wu: Hi, Curt~~
[8:01 AM] Ben Perkins: Good morning
[8:02 AM] Shujin Wu: :D
[8:02 AM] Curt Bruns: Ura said he was unavailable today, so I will run the meeting. Pretty short agenda, so it should go pretty quick.
First item: Southbound SDK - Update/Any Feedback
I don't see @EvgenyRoytman here, but @ShujinWu @PrathameshPatkar - did you send over your questions/feedback?
[8:04 AM] Shujin Wu: yes, and we get feedback from @EvgenyRoytman , I think we probably will have another meeting this week
[8:04 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Good Morning :)
Hi all
I am Varun Rajgopal
[8:05 AM] Curt Bruns: Hello @VarunRajgopal - welcome.
[8:05 AM] Shujin Wu: so here is our brief plan for the following week/weeks :)
[8:05 AM] Varun Rajgopal: I recently joined the OSU team
[8:06 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Hi all Good morning...
[8:06 AM] Ben Perkins: Welcome Varun
[8:06 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Thanks Curt and Ben :)
[8:07 AM] Piotr Zedlewski: Hi there!
[8:07 AM] Curt Bruns: @ShujinWu - I haven't looked, but is the feedback/updates posted on the Wiki?
[8:07 AM] Emilia Haligowska: hi
[8:08 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: @cebruns no those are not posted on Wiki...
[8:08 AM] Shujin Wu: This week, we will have a meeting with @EvgenyRoytman (not set up yet), to clear out some other details, and we have an agile meeting this Friday, figure out how to start the actual work.
@cebruns not yet, I think just conversations between us and @EvgenyRoytman
[8:09 AM] Curt Bruns: Okay - that's fine. Just want to make sure feedback/updates get posted on the Wiki or somewhere in the "open". :)
[8:09 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: okay will ensure that..
[8:10 AM] Curt Bruns: Looking forward to this work starting!
[8:10 AM] Shujin Wu: And from next week, we will start analysising the code, and figure out what should be done for a general driver before we start coding
[8:11 AM] Curt Bruns: Very good. Anything else on this topic?
[8:11 AM] Shujin Wu: yes, Really excited about this
[8:11 AM] Ben Perkins: So, "the work" in question, is an attempt to port one of the existing native drivers to the new Southbound SDK?
[8:11 AM] Shujin Wu: Yes
[8:11 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: yes
[8:11 AM] Shujin Wu: We will do ScaleIO driver
[8:12 AM] Ben Perkins: Okay, great. Definitely looking forward to seeing how that goes.
[8:12 AM] Curt Bruns: Okay - next item on the agenda: "OpenStack Integration Update"
[8:13 AM] Tom Watson: hello all, sorry, joined a bit late.
[8:13 AM] Curt Bruns: @MaciejMiś or @EmiliaHaligowska - would you like to provide the update?
Hi @TomWatson - no worries.
[8:13 AM] Ben Perkins: Morning Tom. Through the joy of scrollback, you didn't miss anything. :)
[8:13 AM] Shujin Wu: Good morning @TomWatson
[8:15 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Good Morning @TomWatson
[8:15 AM] Tom Watson: @BenPerkins yes I just scanned the scrollback.
[8:15 AM] Curt Bruns: @MaciejMiś / @EmiliaHaligowska - are you on?
[8:15 AM] Maciej Miś: Hi
Yes :)
[8:16 AM] Curt Bruns: Hi - can you give a status update on what we talked to Anil about for OS Integration?
[8:17 AM] Maciej Miś: We are going to implement some Cinder API, most of this is already done by the India team
We are focusing on QoS right now
[8:18 AM] Curt Bruns: Thanks.
[8:18 AM] Maciej Miś: Also we are going to test implemented calls because last time we found some problems with them
[8:19 AM] Ben Perkins: So you are basing this work on what's in feature-cinder branch?
[8:19 AM] Maciej Miś: Yes
[8:19 AM] Ben Perkins: Okay, thanks.
[8:21 AM] Curt Bruns: We will also fill out the design spec for QoS to be reviewed prior to implementing.
[8:22 AM] Curt Bruns: EMC team is also working on merging master into feature-cinder so we can pick up the change(s) that allowed ScaleIO to work with CoprHD.
Anything else on this topic?
Okay - next item on the agenda: "Developer's Meetup in December (OSU)"
@ShujinWu @PrathameshPatkar @VarunRajgopal - do you know if there is a date picked out for this, yet? It's still a couple months away, but we should start planning.
[8:24 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: I think it is January 2nd week as per shayne...
[8:24 AM] Shujin Wu: hmm, I don't know about this..
[8:25 AM] Curt Bruns: Ah - okay. I was wondering how it would line up with finals/end of semester, so January might be better. :)
[8:25 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: He gave me a rough idea it would be between 12th Jan to 15 Jan
[8:25 AM] Ben Perkins: If it's going to be January, first week is probably not ideal.
[8:26 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: yes....
[8:26 AM] Curt Bruns: Okay - I will create a page on the wiki for the next Meetup and we can add agenda topics/logistics/etc.
Anything else on this topic?
That's the end of the agenda.
[8:27 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Good idea....
[8:28 AM] Curt Bruns: Open Discussion? Anything to discuss?
[8:28 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Yes
[8:28 AM] Varun Rajgopal: An ideal time to meet would be in Jan
[8:29 AM] Curt Bruns: So, @VarunRajgopal - welcome to the team. How is your training going? :) Do you have any questions/concerns at this point?
[8:30 AM] Ben Perkins: One comment. During the meetup there was a Bug filed indicating that repeated downloading of play during build after build was causing people pain. That should in theory be fixed in the master branch now. I've assigned the JIRA I created on it to Piotr to confirm, since he was the one who originally reported it but feedback from anyone outside EMC's firewall is welcome.
[8:30 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Hi Curt
[8:31 AM] Evgeny Roytman: HI I am here. Just joined. Has some conflict with the first 30 minutes.
[8:31 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Training is going pretty good
[8:31 AM] Curt Bruns: @BenPerkins - Great - thanks for that. It will definitely help to have that step eliminated or at least reduced.
[8:31 AM] Varun Rajgopal: I am able to understand the overall architecture of the product
[8:31 AM] Curt Bruns: Hi @EvgenyRoytman. We are almost done - this is open discussion.
[8:32 AM] Varun Rajgopal: And trying to understand how can I contribute to the process
It has been a really good experience working on this project
Really excited to start my work
[8:33 AM] Evgeny Roytman: @BenPerkins ok. I will review what I missed.
[8:33 AM] Curt Bruns: @VarunRajgopal - great - there are docs on the Wiki on contributing - getting your Stash account, etc. They should help get you up and running.
[8:33 AM] Shujin Wu: Hi, @EvgenyRoytman will we have another meeting this week?
[8:33 AM] Piotr Zedlewski: @BenPerkins thanks for fixing this. We will validate it and let you know later this week
[8:33 AM] Curt Bruns: @BenPerkins - that brings up a question - if Piotr validates it's fixed (or not fixed) - does he close the JIRA item (or reopen it?)
[8:34 AM] Tom Watson: @VarunRajgopal glad it's understandable and welcome to the team. I hope I can come to January meetup. There are topics we didn't have time for at the last meeting where I would like to go a bit deeper.
[8:35 AM] Varun Rajgopal: @cebruns I have already started going thru the docs and have setup the stash account
@TomWatson thank you 😃
Looking forward to meet you all in person
[8:36 AM] Ben Perkins: @PiotrZedlewski & @cebruns Yes, I marked the item "Resolved" in JIRA, indicating that from a dev perspective we think it's done.
If Piotr agrees, he can close as confirmed, or re-open for more attention
[8:37 AM] Tom Watson: One other thing for the team - look on the Wiki under projects, there are several draft projects now for Darth+ in review. You may want to comment on them or ask questions. Please feel free to add comments to these pages.
[8:37 AM] Ben Perkins: Good point, Tom. And for those interested, the design of the DR project is pretty far along in the Yoda drafts.
[8:38 AM] Evgeny Roytman: @ShujinWu I will schedule a meeting for tomorrow or Friday.
[8:38 AM] Tom Watson: There may be a few under Yoda also, e.g. RP Ingestion is being discussed internally.
[8:39 AM] Shujin Wu: @EvgenyRoytman Thank you :D
[8:39 AM] Curt Bruns: Wiki link is here for Projects:
[8:39 AM] Evgeny Roytman: I posted Southbound SDK draft for community review. There is a message about this in Google Groups.
[8:40 AM] Curt Bruns: Great - thanks @EvgenyRoytman
Any other news/status to report?
[8:41 AM] Ben Perkins: Nothing here.
[8:41 AM] Curt Bruns: Okay - we can call it a wrap. Thanks @all
[8:41 AM] Shujin Wu: Oh,@EvgenyRoytman can we have meeting on Friday?
[8:41 AM] Ben Perkins: Thanks @cebruns, @all .
[8:42 AM] Tom Watson: Thank you @all for attending and @cebruns for hosting.
[8:42 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Yeah Friday should be good for meeting....
[8:42 AM] Curt Bruns: ************************** END OF Wednesday Oct 7, 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" *****************************

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