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Southbound SDK Testcase are posted in JIRA - looking for feedback. 

QoS API implementation underway.  Questions have been addressed, so ITP will be able to continue development.

Automated launch/provisioning of developer environment has one issue with deleting a tenant during "tear down" - debug underway.

Due to DST, future meetings will be an hour later for AZ.


Raw Minutes

[8:00 AM] Curt Bruns: ************************** Start OF Wednesday Oct 28, 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" ****************************
[8:00 AM] Curt Bruns: Hello @all
[8:00 AM] Maciej Miś: Hi @cebruns
[8:00 AM] Piotr Zedlewski: Hi!
[8:01 AM] Shujin Wu: Good morning
[8:01 AM] Curt Bruns: We'll wait a few minutes as I don't see our EMC friends online yet.
[8:02 AM] Shujin Wu: Sure :)
[8:02 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Good Morning!!
[8:05 AM] Curt Bruns: Okay, it's 5 after, we should get started.
[8:05 AM] Ben Perkins: Hi guys
[8:05 AM] Ben Perkins: I think Ura and JM are in Japan?
[8:05 AM] Curt Bruns: First item on the agenda is: "Southbound SDK Status update (Evgeny/OSU)"
[8:05 AM] Ben Perkins: I'm not sure they were going to be able to make it.
[8:05 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Hi to all.
[8:06 AM] Curt Bruns: @BenPerkins - Yes - I don't expect to see JM and Ura nor Reddy here due to OS Summit.
[8:06 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: **********South bound Status update:We completed Test cases for the SDK and awaiting for feedback. Also we are making implementation design while we are waiting for feedback.
[8:07 AM] Shujin Wu: **********South bound Status update here is the wiki page :
[8:07 AM] Shujin Wu: and all our work is in JIRA now
[8:08 AM] Evgeny Roytman: For Southbound update --- I do not have much new. Had to pick up some sp1 committed work from person who unexpectedly had medical emergency. Will have more update next week.
[8:08 AM] Curt Bruns: @ShujinWu @PrathameshPatkar - Great, thanks. I've looked at the Test plan For Driver - Block mirror Operations but I haven't looked at the other docs. I will take a look at those too.

[8:09 AM] Shujin Wu: Thank you @cebruns
[8:09 AM] Curt Bruns: @EvgenyRoytman - Okay, no problem - thanks for the update.
[8:09 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Thanks @cebruns !!
[8:10 AM] Curt Bruns: Is there anyone else reviewing the testcases besides me?
[8:10 AM] Evgeny Roytman: @PrathameshPatkar @ShujinWu I will look in the test cases later today or tomorrow.
[8:10 AM] Shujin Wu: @EvgenyRoytman Thank you :D
[8:11 AM] Curt Bruns: Okay. I sent feedback via Email, but if I have any other feedback, I will use Jira to make sure it's tracked.
[8:11 AM] Evgeny Roytman: @PrathameshPatkar I saw your email with questions. Will review them.
[8:12 AM] Shujin Wu: I have a question
[8:12 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: @EvgenyRoytman Alrite.. sure thanks ...
[8:13 AM] Shujin Wu: who will be the proper person to ask if we have question for the original code since we are refactoring the ScaleIO?
[8:14 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Like if we can get someone who has design and implemented ScaleIO, it would be really helpfull
[8:14 AM] Evgeny Roytman: @ShujinWu I think this person is Tong.
[8:14 AM] Ben Perkins: Tong Yu?
[8:15 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Yes.
[8:15 AM] Shujin Wu: Okay, thanks
[8:16 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Thanks We will get it touch with him :)
[8:16 AM] Evgeny Roytman: I saw Tong's name as an author of design doc for using ScaleIO Rest API in CoprHD.
@PrathameshPatkar Her :)
[8:17 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: :) hahaha
[8:18 AM] Curt Bruns: Okay - anything else on Southbound SDK?
Next topic: OpenStack Integration Status update
Maciej - can you give the update on the QoS Spec/API?
[8:19 AM] Maciej Miś: Sure
************Quality of Service update: We had a nice meetup today with Parash from EMC and we clarified the QoS implementation idea. We had some confusion here and there but now all is clear to us. We will prepare a Draft Design page for QoS. For now we have to choose the parameters that will act as a QoS specs in OpenStack. We decided with EMC that QoS will act as an extended information for OpenStack Volume Types.
[8:21 AM] Maciej Miś: For now OpenStack dashboard will act as a read-only for Volume Types and QoS
Virtual Polls from CoprHD will be listed as a Volume Types and information about them will be in QoS
OpenStack admin will not be able to create Volume Types nor QoS (for now, there are plans for future to implement creation of Volume Types aswell)
This is possible only by using CoprHD dashboard or CLI
[8:25 AM] Maciej Miś: I think thats all
[8:25 AM] Curt Bruns: Sounds good Maciej - any questions/comments?
[8:26 AM] Maciej Miś: We clarified everything with Parash and Anil today so no, for now ;)
Not from our side atleast
[8:27 AM] Curt Bruns: Good - I'm still working on the auto-launch/configuration of Devstack + CoprHD + ScaleIO. Setup is working, but removal/tear-down is hanging on deleting the tenant due to "outstanding task" which I can't seem to decipher what task is outstanding.
I'm going to send Parash some screen-shots/logs and see if I can debug what task it is linked to/waiting on.
[8:29 AM] Curt Bruns: If there are no questions, then let's move on to Open Discussion...
[8:31 AM] Curt Bruns: This weekend, the USA has DST. It should only affect Arizona since we don't change and Poland has already changed. This meeting will be one hour later for AZ.
[8:31 AM] Maciej Miś: @cebruns Are you trying to do auto-launching ScaleIO connected to CoprHD?
[8:32 AM] Curt Bruns: @MaciejMiś - Yes. ScaleIO launches and then CoprHD goes and discovers it, sets up the Project, Tenant, VArray, VPool, and Creates a Volume.
[8:32 AM] Maciej Miś: Cool. Good job @cebruns !
[8:33 AM] Shujin Wu: @cebruns cool!!!
maybe we can use it for testing later?
[8:34 AM] Curt Bruns: Thanks - I still need to integrate it into a single Vagrant file, but the setup automation works well through bash for now. Would like to use ANSIBLE once it's stable to incorporate more automation.
@ShujinWu - definitely. That would be a good idea and the reason I'm doing it is for a more deterministic/repeatable environment setup.
[8:36 AM] Shujin Wu: Cool, thank you :D :D
[8:37 AM] Curt Bruns: Okay - any other topics/discussion?
[8:38 AM] Curt Bruns: Allright - let's call it for this week. Thanks @all and have a good rest of your day!
[8:39 AM] Maciej Miś: Thanks, you too!
[8:39 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Have a good day!
[8:41 AM] Curt Bruns: ************************** End Of Wednesday Oct 28, 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" ****************************


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