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Southbound SDK: OSU working on the Southbound SDK and test cases.  Work is set to begin on ScaleIO driver.

OpenStack Integration: Adding CoprHD as VolumeV2 endpoint in Keystone is working.  Create/Delete of volumes is working via command-line.  Still issues with Horizon due to not all Cinder commands being supported.  

Vagrant Development: Working on a "single click" install for ScaleIO, Devstack, and CoprHD via Vagrant and Virtualbox.  Working independently now, but need to create a single script to automate.


Raw Minutes:


[Oct-14 7:50 AM] urayoan irizarry: ************************** Wednesday Oct 14, 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" *****************************
[Oct-14 7:50 AM] urayoan irizarry: Hello!
[Oct-14 7:57 AM] Shujin Wu: good morning, Ura~~
[Oct-14 7:57 AM] urayoan irizarry: Hi Suzy. :)
[Oct-14 7:57 AM] Shujin Wu: :D
[Oct-14 7:58 AM] urayoan irizarry: Hey Curt. Cool minutes pages.
[Oct-14 7:58 AM] Curt Bruns: Hey @all
[Oct-14 7:58 AM] urayoan irizarry: No account, Bill?
[Oct-14 7:59 AM] Curt Bruns: Thanks @ura - got a request from Sal to summarize any decisions/highlights/lowlights at the top. Thought we might be able to find a bot to watch our meeting and we could # something to get the bot to record it for us, but didn't find anything readily avail.
[Oct-14 7:59 AM] Ben Perkins: Good morning.
[Oct-14 7:59 AM] urayoan irizarry: Sure, sounds good.
[Oct-14 7:59 AM] urayoan irizarry: Hi Ben
[Oct-14 8:00 AM] bill elliott: @ura apparently not.
[Oct-14 8:00 AM] bill elliott: I thought I tested it a few weeks ago, but it's not working now.
[Oct-14 8:02 AM] Tom Watson: Hi veryone.
[Oct-14 8:02 AM] bill elliott: Hi Tom
[Oct-14 8:02 AM] Shujin Wu: Hi Tom
[Oct-14 8:02 AM] Tom Watson: Hi Shujin!
[Oct-14 8:02 AM] Ben Perkins: Hey Tom, Bill, Suzy, Curt, Ura! (there, think I got everyone)
[Oct-14 8:03 AM] Shujin Wu: Haha,:D
[Oct-14 8:03 AM] urayoan irizarry: :)
[Oct-14 8:03 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Hi everyone.
[Oct-14 8:04 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, so, here's what I have for the agenda today.
[Oct-14 8:04 AM] urayoan irizarry: Southbound SDK Status update (Evgeny/OSU)
 OpenStack Integration Status update (Curt)
 Open Discussion
[Oct-14 8:04 AM] urayoan irizarry: Are we ready to go?
[Oct-14 8:04 AM] Evgeny Roytman: This is good.
[Oct-14 8:04 AM] Curt Bruns: Let's do it!
[Oct-14 8:05 AM] urayoan irizarry: Take it away @EvgenyRoytman
[Oct-14 8:06 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Southbound SDK: we had a meeting last week. We talked about development of scaleio driver. I pushed my private branch to stash as a reference.
[Oct-14 8:06 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Hi everyone
[Oct-14 8:07 AM] Evgeny Roytman: I think OSU need to add to this.
[Oct-14 8:07 AM] Shujin Wu: #Southbound SDK Status update# we have a team meeting yesterday, make a plan for the driver development
[Oct-14 8:08 AM] Evgeny Roytman: We also work with CTD on common capability model. This will be added to the SDK soon.
[Oct-14 8:08 AM] Shujin Wu: #Southbound SDK Status update#We will start with reviewing test cases this week, and hopefully design the new test cases from next week
[Oct-14 8:09 AM] Evgeny Roytman: @ShujinWu Very good.
[Oct-14 8:09 AM] Shujin Wu: Thank you @EvgenyRoytman :D
[Oct-14 8:10 AM] Evgeny Roytman: This is essentially all I have for the update.
[Oct-14 8:11 AM] Shujin Wu: I think that what we got for this week, we will let you review the test cases design when we are done
[Oct-14 8:11 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, is the plan in the wiki?
[Oct-14 8:12 AM] Evgeny Roytman: @ShujinWu Sounds good.
[Oct-14 8:13 AM] urayoan irizarry: Can we get the plan on the wiki?
[Oct-14 8:13 AM] Shujin Wu: @ura no yet, we make a rough plan for the whole thing, and will modify each specific week
[Oct-14 8:14 AM] urayoan irizarry: Also, can I suggest that you use JIRA to track the project? That way you have the tools and we have the visibility.
[Oct-14 8:14 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok Suzy, just update as you go, please.
[Oct-14 8:14 AM] urayoan irizarry: Thanks
[Oct-14 8:14 AM] urayoan irizarry: @cebruns You're next I think.
[Oct-14 8:14 AM] Shujin Wu: Okay, I ll see if we can put it on wiki
[Oct-14 8:15 AM] Curt Bruns: Yep - so...we're working on integrating CH+OpenStack
[Oct-14 8:15 AM] Curt Bruns: We can create/delete volumes with Cinder command-line using keystone as auth provider and CoprHD as the endpoint for volumev2 services.
[Oct-14 8:15 AM] Curt Bruns: We are seeing stability issues with Horizon though and need to root cause some these.
[Oct-14 8:16 AM] Curt Bruns: There is a new cinder branch released that was just pushed, so we will update to that and see if it helps.
[Oct-14 8:16 AM] Curt Bruns: *cinder branch in the CoprHD repo.
[Oct-14 8:16 AM] Curt Bruns: After we get things working well, we will implement the QoS API.
[Oct-14 8:17 AM] Curt Bruns: Hope to demo it (and more things) at the CoprHD meetup in January.
[Oct-14 8:17 AM] Curt Bruns: I'm working on a "single-click" install for CoprHD+Devstack+ScaleIO in a VM environment with vagrant/virtualbox.
[Oct-14 8:17 AM] Curt Bruns: Anil and Parash are helping us root-cause and debug our config issues, so that has been great.
[Oct-14 8:18 AM] Curt Bruns: I think that's about all for now.
[Oct-14 8:18 AM] Tom Watson: @cebruns single click CH+Devstack+ScaleIO sounds great!!
[Oct-14 8:19 AM] bill elliott: I would like a demo of that!
[Oct-14 8:19 AM] Curt Bruns: Thanks @Tom - it's close. They work independently now, just want a single Vagrantfile to encapsulate all the VMs.
[Oct-14 8:19 AM] urayoan irizarry: Totally! :)
[Oct-14 8:20 AM] Curt Bruns: Sounds like another agenda item for the Meetup. :)
[Oct-14 8:20 AM] urayoan irizarry: Agreed
[Oct-14 8:20 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, thanks Curt.
[Oct-14 8:20 AM] urayoan irizarry: Next Item.
[Oct-14 8:20 AM] urayoan irizarry: Any new efforts or projects that we want to kick off?
[Oct-14 8:21 AM] Curt Bruns: Has anyone been following/trying the Docker+CH project? Is it being developed still?
[Oct-14 8:22 AM] urayoan irizarry: I believe it's still being worked on. I'll double check with Yun.
[Oct-14 8:23 AM] Curt Bruns: Ok - thanks.
[Oct-14 8:23 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, looks like a short meeting this week then. :)
[Oct-14 8:23 AM] Ben Perkins: There's no shame in that. :)
[Oct-14 8:24 AM] urayoan irizarry: agreed!
[Oct-14 8:24 AM] Curt Bruns: Haha
[Oct-14 8:24 AM] urayoan irizarry: Any questions out there?
[Oct-14 8:24 AM] urayoan irizarry: you have 1 minute to raise your hand. :)

[Oct-14 8:24 AM] Ben Perkins: tick tick tick
[Oct-14 8:24 AM] Curt Bruns: Oh - is @ura the only one going to Tokyo here?
[Oct-14 8:24 AM] Curt Bruns: Sorry - had to get one question in.
[Oct-14 8:25 AM] Curt Bruns: Tokyo == Openstack conference in 2 weeks.
[Oct-14 8:25 AM] Ben Perkins: I can't answer the question as asked. But I can say that I'm not going and am not aware of anyone else.
[Oct-14 8:25 AM] urayoan irizarry: Anand and Julio are also going. I think John Mark is also going but not 100% sure.
[Oct-14 8:25 AM] Ben Perkins: Ah okay, good to know!
[Oct-14 8:26 AM] Curt Bruns: Sounds good - that was all. Thanks!
[Oct-14 8:26 AM] urayoan irizarry: Reddy, Anand and I will be presenting CoprHD working with OpenStack and using VPlex on the back end.
[Oct-14 8:27 AM] urayoan irizarry: And hopefully get more people involved with CoprHD.
[Oct-14 8:27 AM] Tom Watson: @ura Cool. Let us know if you need any Vplex support for your demo.
[Oct-14 8:27 AM] urayoan irizarry: I'll probably miss this meeting that week. :)
[Oct-14 8:27 AM] urayoan irizarry: Thanks @TomWatson , Will do.
[Oct-14 8:29 AM] Tom Watson: Ok, I have to drop... meeting with Shashwat who is visiting Richardson.
[Oct-14 8:29 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, looks like I'm calling it.
[Oct-14 8:29 AM] urayoan irizarry: Say hi for me. :)
[Oct-14 8:29 AM] urayoan irizarry: Thank you all for coming.
[Oct-14 8:29 AM] urayoan irizarry: Have a good week.
[Oct-14 8:29 AM] Curt Bruns: Thanks @ura and @all - have a good week too.
[Oct-14 8:29 AM] Ben Perkins: Thanks @all
[Oct-14 8:29 AM] urayoan irizarry: ************************** END OF Wednesday Oct 14, 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" ****************************

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