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Executive Summary:

ScaleIO Driver (Shujin/Prathamesh/Varun): On track for discovery done by End of November. 

Southbound SDK (Evgeny): Working on snapshot support, block cg support in CoprHD for drivers. We plan to start integration tests for ScaleIO discovery with the driver next week.

QoS Spec (Maciej/Emilia/Piotr): Design Spec review for Block Storage Svc in OpenStack is next week.

Rebranding (Ura): Portal updates finished and pull request approved.  Merge into Release branch is next.

CoprHD Alderaan Release - CoprHD 2.4 (JM):


************************** START Of Wednesday Nov 25 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" ****************************
[9:00 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Good morning 😃
[9:01 AM] Ziye Yang: Good morning
[9:01 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Good morning!
[9:02 AM] Piotr Zedlewski: Good morning
[9:02 AM] Curt Bruns: Ura has asked me to chair the meeting today. I have this on the agenda:
Southbound SDK Status update (Evgeny/Shujin/Prathamesh/Varun)
 OpenStack Integration Status update (Curt/Maciej/Emilia/Piotr)
 Release/Rebranding (Ura/JM)
 Open Discussion (All)
We might have a lighter attendance today from the U.S.A. side as tomorrow/Fri are holidays (Thanksgiving).
It looks like the Southbound SDK folks are here, so please get us started. #Southbound SDK Update.
@ShujinWu - you can start.
[9:04 AM] JMW: howdy
@cebruns thanks
[9:05 AM] Varun Rajgopal: On the southbound SDK update
[9:05 AM] JMW: I'm on a call so only peeking in every few minutes
[9:05 AM] Shujin Wu: Sure, #Southbound SDK Update# the implementation goes well,
[9:05 AM] Varun Rajgopal: We have finished the implementation for discovering storage systems and storage pools
[9:06 AM] Shujin Wu: like @VarunRajgopal said
[9:06 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Southbound SDK --- good progress this week. I worked on snapshot support, block cg support in CoprHD for drivers. We plan to start integration tests for ScaleIO discovery with the driver next week.
[9:06 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Have started the implementation for discovering the storage ports.
[9:06 AM] Anil Degwekar: Hi I am joining today first time -- does this meeting happen regularly?
[9:07 AM] Varun Rajgopal: We are planning to test the discovery functions by end of this week
[9:07 AM] Curt Bruns: Hi @AnilDegwekarGuest2 - Yes, every week at this time. @ura should forward you the invite.
@VarunRajgopal - that's great!
@EvgenyRoytman - that's great!
[9:08 AM] Varun Rajgopal: And have a code review by with @EvgenyRoytman in the next week
Thanks @cebruns 😃
[9:08 AM] Anil Degwekar: Good to see the progress on southbound SDK!
[9:09 AM] Shujin Wu: Thank you
[9:09 AM] Curt Bruns: All great progress - thank you. Anything else?
[9:09 AM] Shujin Wu: That will be all from our side : )
[9:09 AM] Curt Bruns: Ha - okay.
Next on the agenda: OpenStack Integration Status update
[9:10 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Thank you @AnilDegwekarGuest2 :)
[9:10 AM] Curt Bruns: QoS and Automatic Keystone Registration Design Spec review is next week.
*Correction - the full "OpenStack Integration" Design spec review is next week, but Intel will be handling the QoS and Auto-Registration part of that review.
QoS Implementation is mostly complete from our side. We reviewed with Anil and Parash this morning.
[9:12 AM] Anil Degwekar: That's right -- the design spec is on the Wiki
[9:12 AM] Curt Bruns:
[9:13 AM] Curt Bruns: The database update for QoS is still under development - i.e. When to update/create the table.
The auto-registration implementation hasn't started yet. I've been working on the AIO Env. and a CoprHD Demo at SDI Summit next week.
I plan on working on the auto-reg after the SDI Summit next week once we have feedback on the design spec.
[9:15 AM] Anil Degwekar: All the best for the demo!
[9:16 AM] Curt Bruns: Thanks - I'm going to use Ura's "re-branded" Portal so it will show "CoprHD" :)
That's it from my side.
Next on the agenda: Release/Rebranding (Ura/JM)
@JMW - can you talk to rebranding/release or should we postpone updates this week due to your meeting conflict?
[9:18 AM] JMW: hey - I'll add a bit in the room in a few minutes
but we're powering on
I mean through
but I think @ura ran into some issues that he'll have to describe - as far as packaging the new branding for release
[9:19 AM] Curt Bruns: Ah - okay @JMW - sounds good.
@ura - anything to add on the release/rebranding?
[9:20 AM] urayoan irizarry: I can talk rebranding.
[9:20 AM] Curt Bruns: Good timing. :)
[9:20 AM] urayoan irizarry: Phone app for the win. :)
Anyway. Rebranding work is done. Pull request has been approved and everything.
[9:21 AM] Curt Bruns: Great!
[9:21 AM] urayoan irizarry: The code will be merged into the 2.4 branch soon. Not exactly sure when.
[9:22 AM] Curt Bruns: Is the 2.4 release on it's own branch or is it tracking master?
[9:22 AM] urayoan irizarry: On its own.
Called release-2.4
[9:22 AM] Curt Bruns: Got it. Thanks.
[9:23 AM] urayoan irizarry: So. If folks want to see the branding work. Use my branch for now.
Search for rebranding in the branch name.
[9:23 AM] Curt Bruns: BTW: Your phone keyboard works better than your _actual_ keyboard. ;)
[9:24 AM] urayoan irizarry: Lol
[9:24 AM] Curt Bruns: Do you know if release is still happening Dec 8 or 9?
[9:24 AM] JMW: @ura I thought you ran into other issues?
[9:24 AM] urayoan irizarry: That is the plan.
[9:24 AM] JMW: @cebruns announcement is already queued up for dec 8
online live streaming event is dec 9
[9:25 AM] JMW:
[9:25 AM] urayoan irizarry: With rebranding? Yeah. The build changes were more challenging than expected. But we're done now.
[9:25 AM] JMW: eggggcelllent
[9:26 AM] JMW: @ura for prez
[9:27 AM] Anil Degwekar: +1
[9:27 AM] Curt Bruns: Haha - great - anything else?
[9:28 AM] urayoan irizarry: Sorry, dentist called
[9:28 AM] urayoan irizarry: Website redesign work is under way.
If people want to see where i am so far you can look at
[9:31 AM] Curt Bruns: @KeithLutz - is our WebDev person on board and helping yet?
[9:31 AM] urayoan irizarry: Intel is also working on some ideas. I'll report back when I have more to report.
[9:31 AM] Keith Lutz: @ura is making progress faster than our side.
I need to check into why we seem out of sync.
[9:32 AM] urayoan irizarry: That's it from me I think. Going offline again.
[9:32 AM] Curt Bruns: Okay - thanks @ura
[9:32 AM] urayoan irizarry: Have a good weekend.
[9:32 AM] Curt Bruns: Next item on the agenda: Open Discussion (All)
Anyone have open topics to discuss?
[9:33 AM] JMW: @cebruns just that I'm pimping yoru vagrant stuff :)
[9:34 AM] Curt Bruns: Cool @JMW - hope it helps people out. It's pretty narrow-focused right now - would be cool to have more people looking/giving feedback.
[9:35 AM] Shujin Wu: It's really helpful!! @cebruns
[9:35 AM] JMW:
[9:35 AM] Link: An Early Look at CoprHD 2.4
As we prepare for the upcoming release of CoprHD 2.4, we wanted to give folks a preview of what's inside. This is the first real release of CoprHD, and we're pretty excited about it. So what's in i...
[9:35 AM] JMW: please, everyone tweet that ^^^
[9:37 AM] Curt Bruns: Good stuff @JMW
[9:37 AM] JMW: thanks
ok, have to focus on current conf call :)
[9:37 AM] Curt Bruns: Any other open topics this week?
[9:38 AM] Anil Degwekar: None from me
[9:38 AM] Keith Lutz: Not from me. Thanks for all the progress everyone and thanks @cebruns for running the meeting today!
[9:39 AM] Curt Bruns: Thanks - we can close the meeting. Thanks @all. Have a good rest of your week.
[9:39 AM] Anil Degwekar: Bye
[9:40 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: Thank you.... bye :)
[9:40 AM] Shujin Wu: Happy Thanksgiving :D
[9:40 AM] Curt Bruns: ************************** End Of Wednesday Nov 25 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" ****************************

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