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Executive Summary:

ScaleIO Driver (Shujin/Prathamesh/Varun): Plan to have Discovery done by end of November.  Volume operations (CRUD) done by End of December.

Southbound SDK (Evgeny): Discovery path for Southbound SDK drivers is working against simulator.  Waiting for ScaleIO driver to test end-to-end discovery with Southbound SDK and a "real" driver.

All-in-One Environment (Curt): Curt's GitHub page has the AIO Vagrant environment for CoprHD + ScaleIO + Devstack Virtual Machines.  Easy to spin up and tear down for Dev/Test.

QoS Spec (Maciej/Emilia/Piotr): Design Spec is updated on the Wiki and Design review is beginning of December.  Implementation is almost complete.  Design review is to make sure we didn't miss anything.

Rebranding (Ura): Spec is updated and implementation is underway.  This will gate the next release - need to make sure %s/ViPR/CoprHD/!  (smile) 

CoprHD Alderaan Release (JM): Beta release is next week with full release December 8th-9th.  Adjunct projects (OpenStack Integration and Southbound SDK) will be announced.

Licensing (JM): Feedback from community is they are more comfortable with Apache licensing, so switching from MPL to Apache going forward.


Full Minutes:

[Nov-18 9:03 AM] urayoan irizarry: ************************** START Of Wednesday Nov 18 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" ****************************
[Nov-18 9:04 AM] urayoan irizarry: Sorry about that, copy/paste error. :)
[Nov-18 9:04 AM] Curt Bruns: Haha - back to the future.
[Nov-18 9:04 AM] Shujin Wu: @JMW I can message him,when do you need it?
[Nov-18 9:04 AM] Ben Perkins: Good morning @all
[Nov-18 9:04 AM] JMW: @ShujinWu we were talking about January 12 & 13
[Nov-18 9:04 AM] Tom Watson: Hi @all
[Nov-18 9:05 AM] JMW: @ShujinWu we just need confirmation so that we can start letting people know - so they can start making travel plans
[Nov-18 9:05 AM] Keith Lutz: @ShujinWu Need that confirmed down yesterday. ;) Seriously, it's less than 2 months out and folks need to plan travel.
[Nov-18 9:05 AM] Shujin Wu: okay, let me message him, I'll let you know probably latter today
[Nov-18 9:06 AM] Keith Lutz: thank you!
[Nov-18 9:06 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, I think we can get started.
[Nov-18 9:06 AM] Shujin Wu: no problrmLD
[Nov-18 9:06 AM] Shujin Wu: :D
[Nov-18 9:06 AM] JMW: @ShujinWu thanks!
[Nov-18 9:06 AM] urayoan irizarry: I need to step away from the keyboard for a minute, you guys go ahead. SB SDK first, right?
[Nov-18 9:06 AM] JMW: @ura as always
[Nov-18 9:08 AM] Curt Bruns: Okay - @ShujinWu - how are things going?
[Nov-18 9:08 AM] Shujin Wu: #southbound SDK update# we ran into some env issues last week, and we are solving it now. implementation has started
[Nov-18 9:09 AM] JMW: hang on - some Intel folks are trying to join
[Nov-18 9:09 AM] Malini Bhandaru, Intel: @JMW -- thanks -- I am in
[Nov-18 9:09 AM] JMW: ah excellent
[Nov-18 9:09 AM] JMW: ok
[Nov-18 9:09 AM] JMW: @ShujinWu carry on
[Nov-18 9:10 AM] JMW: @ShujinWu what issues? and do you need help?
[Nov-18 9:10 AM] Shobha Ranganathan: Hi This is Shobha Ranganathan, I have just joined the OpenStack team
[Nov-18 9:10 AM] JMW: @ShobhaRanganathanGuest2 welcome
[Nov-18 9:11 AM] Malini Bhandaru, Intel: Malini and Shobha will listen in today
[Nov-18 9:11 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: @JMW we are getting help from evgeny currently, and have resolved most of the issue...
[Nov-18 9:11 AM] Malini Bhandaru, Intel: rather watch :)
[Nov-18 9:11 AM] JMW: @MaliniBhandaruIntelGuest fantastic
[Nov-18 9:11 AM] Shujin Wu: we tried to use vagrant file to build scaleIO in our vcenter, but there is problem to connect from our laptop
[Nov-18 9:11 AM] JMW: @PrathameshPatkar great
[Nov-18 9:12 AM] JMW: @ShujinWu ok, so we're gearing up for release on December 8 or 9 - will there be something people can try out by then?
[Nov-18 9:12 AM] Curt Bruns: @ShujinWu - the ScaleIO Vagrant env is setup for "host only" networking, meaning you can only get to the VM/Cluster from the machine that is hosting the Virtual Machines.
[Nov-18 9:13 AM] Shujin Wu: I changed the setting
[Nov-18 9:13 AM] Varun Rajgopal: We have started the implementation for the discover function
[Nov-18 9:13 AM] Curt Bruns: Ah - okay.

[Nov-18 9:13 AM] Shujin Wu: for public network
[Nov-18 9:14 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: I tried it yesterday it is not working, so will find some solution and get that thing working before this week
[Nov-18 9:14 AM] Varun Rajgopal: And planning to deliver the discover functions by end of November week
[Nov-18 9:14 AM] JMW: great
[Nov-18 9:16 AM] Curt Bruns: @ShujinWu - if you have any issues with the vagrant env - please let me know. I'd like to make sure it's robust.
[Nov-18 9:16 AM] Shujin Wu: @cebruns Thank you
[Nov-18 9:17 AM] Shujin Wu: I'll let you know :D
[Nov-18 9:17 AM] JMW: ok, anything else to report?
[Nov-18 9:17 AM] Prathamesh Patkar: @cebruns I will let u know if anything
[Nov-18 9:17 AM] JMW: @EvgenyRoytman ?
[Nov-18 9:18 AM] Evgeny Roytman: The SB SDK support work is going well. I have discovery running against driver simulator. Working on volume provisioning support.
[Nov-18 9:18 AM] JMW: @EvgenyRoytman great
[Nov-18 9:19 AM] urayoan irizarry: Curt? You're next
[Nov-18 9:19 AM] JMW: @EvgenyRoytman at what point do we expect the SB SDK to be "feature complete"?
[Nov-18 9:21 AM] Evgeny Roytman: I do not have date for "feature complete". I can say that volume create, delete, expand and some replica operation will done till middle of December.
[Nov-18 9:21 AM] JMW: @EvgenyRoytman ok
[Nov-18 9:22 AM] Evgeny Roytman: This is only for SDK support in CoprHD. I expect that these operation will be available in Scaleio driver at the same time.
[Nov-18 9:22 AM] JMW: @EvgenyRoytman right. Got it.
[Nov-18 9:23 AM] Evgeny Roytman: So we can start testing with a real driver.
[Nov-18 9:23 AM] JMW: @EvgenyRoytman that's great
[Nov-18 9:23 AM] urayoan irizarry: Sign me up for testing.
[Nov-18 9:23 AM] urayoan irizarry: I think we have some scaleIO setups around that I can borrow when the drivers are ready.
[Nov-18 9:23 AM] Evgeny Roytman: @ura Ok. You are.:}
[Nov-18 9:24 AM] JMW: @cebruns and your vagrant build makes use of latest SB SDK and scaleIO driver?
[Nov-18 9:25 AM] Curt Bruns: Not yet - it's configured to clone the cinder-feature-api branch, but we can merge with master (or other branch) to pull those changes in as the get added.
[Nov-18 9:25 AM] JMW: @cebruns cool, ok
[Nov-18 9:25 AM] urayoan irizarry: probably not, but it should be just a matter of switching branches and rebuiling, right?
[Nov-18 9:25 AM] urayoan irizarry: AHHH
[Nov-18 9:26 AM] JMW: @cebruns because making this stuff easy to test will be very very important
[Nov-18 9:26 AM] urayoan irizarry: new keyboard. learning to type all ober again.
[Nov-18 9:26 AM] urayoan irizarry: over
[Nov-18 9:26 AM] Curt Bruns: @JMW - yes - that was my goal. Easy setup/deploy/destroy. :)
[Nov-18 9:26 AM] JMW: @cebruns I love you, man
[Nov-18 9:26 AM] urayoan irizarry: I tested it last night. Very impressive!
[Nov-18 9:27 AM] Curt Bruns: Cool - glad it's working. I'll look at a Docker implementation as well.
[Nov-18 9:27 AM] JMW: ++
[Nov-18 9:27 AM] urayoan irizarry: By the way, @cebruns you should probably announce it so people know what we're talking about. :)
[Nov-18 9:28 AM] urayoan irizarry: @cebruns you're up next anyway.
[Nov-18 9:28 AM] Curt Bruns: Ok - for the All In One (AIO) environment I've been working on - it's up and running:
[Nov-18 9:28 AM] Link: curtbruns/coprhd_aio
coprhd_aio - CoprHD plus Devstack plus ScaleIO environment for development and test
[Nov-18 9:29 AM] urayoan irizarry: ooohhh...fancy pasting... :)
[Nov-18 9:29 AM] Curt Bruns: Basically ScaleIO + DevStack + CoprHD w/ Vagrant and Virtualbox
[Nov-18 9:29 AM] JMW: @cebruns can we push that under the CoprHD org on GitHub?
[Nov-18 9:30 AM] urayoan irizarry: Once we add simulators to this, this will make developing and demoing a snap.
[Nov-18 9:30 AM] urayoan irizarry: environment wise I mean. :)
[Nov-18 9:30 AM] Curt Bruns: I don't see why not.
[Nov-18 9:30 AM] JMW: @cebruns ok
[Nov-18 9:30 AM] Curt Bruns: Yeah - simulators would be easy to script up in the 'vagrant up' phase and just add that to the coprhd_cli_scripts that I created to provision/use those instead of ScaleIO, if desired.
[Nov-18 9:31 AM] urayoan irizarry: Curt and I can work on figuring out what's the best way to link this to CoprHD org.
[Nov-18 9:31 AM] urayoan irizarry: I think it's an org
[Nov-18 9:31 AM] Curt Bruns: Like I said eariler, it pulls the cinder-feature-api-branch and builds CoprHD with that, but that's easily changed too.
[Nov-18 9:31 AM] Curt Bruns: @ura - That would be great.
[Nov-18 9:31 AM] Curt Bruns: Can probably push it as a project under CoprHD Github, but don't know the mechanics of doing that.
[Nov-18 9:32 AM] urayoan irizarry: yeah, I'll look into it.
[Nov-18 9:32 AM] JMW: @ura yeah, let's figure out how we treat related projects like this. It will become more important over time
[Nov-18 9:32 AM] urayoan irizarry: Agreed.
[Nov-18 9:33 AM] Ben Perkins: We can certainly leverage GitHub, but we also have the option of creating additional repositories on the Stash server.
[Nov-18 9:33 AM] urayoan irizarry: True.
[Nov-18 9:33 AM] urayoan irizarry: Maybe we start with github and maybe add into our stash server later if we find it useful?
[Nov-18 9:34 AM] Curt Bruns: So - the basics are documented on the github page, but I'm sure there are other configs to test out and document, like @ShujinWuwith ScaleIO connecting publicly instead of host-only. Feel free to submit issues to the repo and I'll maintain it.
[Nov-18 9:34 AM] Curt Bruns: Adding simulator support should be easy too.
[Nov-18 9:34 AM] urayoan irizarry: cool
[Nov-18 9:34 AM] JMW: @BenPerkins Right. That's what we have to figure out
[Nov-18 9:35 AM] urayoan irizarry: @cebruns anything else to report?
[Nov-18 9:35 AM] Curt Bruns: Yes -
[Nov-18 9:35 AM] Curt Bruns: QoS Cinder API is moving along well.
[Nov-18 9:35 AM] Curt Bruns: We plan on doing a design spec review after Thanksgiving.
[Nov-18 9:36 AM] Curt Bruns: Anil and Mallari will send out an invite.
[Nov-18 9:36 AM] JMW: @cebruns nice
[Nov-18 9:37 AM] Curt Bruns: The code is underway, but just want to review the spec in case we missed something.
[Nov-18 9:37 AM] Malini Bhandaru, Intel: Should we for all dependent projects do a nightly check if any API differences as a quick alert?
[Nov-18 9:38 AM] Curt Bruns: @MaliniBhandaruIntelGuest - Yes, we've been talking about unit testing and CI testing for this Cinder work.
[Nov-18 9:38 AM] Evgeny Roytman: To add to SB SDK dates: we plan to have SDK v 1.0 released with support for two SDK based driver, ScaleIO and CloudArray as part of April Yoda release.
[Nov-18 9:39 AM] Curt Bruns: It's a great idea and we do need to figure out how to test CoprHD with tempest or other OpenStack test suites to verify it supports the API completely.
[Nov-18 9:39 AM] JMW: @EvgenyRoytman that's the Bespin release :)

[Nov-18 9:39 AM] JMW: @EvgenyRoytman I'll talk about that in a bit
[Nov-18 9:40 AM] Curt Bruns: That's all I have for now. Thanks.
[Nov-18 9:40 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, I'll go next.
[Nov-18 9:40 AM] urayoan irizarry: rebranding spec is here.
[Nov-18 9:41 AM] urayoan irizarry: It's still missing one piece which I'm working on today. The login page.
[Nov-18 9:41 AM] urayoan irizarry: It's separate from the portal so the changes need to be done there as well.
[Nov-18 9:41 AM] urayoan irizarry: But, it looks like, as long as everything is approved, I'll be able to do the pull request this week.
[Nov-18 9:42 AM] JMW: @ura huzzah
[Nov-18 9:42 AM] urayoan irizarry: Many thanks to @BenPerkins for always figuring stuff out when I ready to jump off a cliff. :)
[Nov-18 9:42 AM] urayoan irizarry: I'm
[Nov-18 9:42 AM] urayoan irizarry: Someday I'll be able to type again.
[Nov-18 9:42 AM] urayoan irizarry: On other news
[Nov-18 9:43 AM] urayoan irizarry: I got an ubuntu based development appliance last week from the build team. I still need to test it and document how to reproduce the environment if you don't have vmware.
[Nov-18 9:43 AM] urayoan irizarry: But, it's a start
[Nov-18 9:44 AM] urayoan irizarry: So it looks like we'll have Ubuntu soon.
[Nov-18 9:44 AM] urayoan irizarry: That's a good thing.
[Nov-18 9:44 AM] JMW: definitely ++
[Nov-18 9:44 AM] urayoan irizarry: Another thing we're starting to work on is making "appliances" available
[Nov-18 9:44 AM] Ben Perkins: You're welcome, @ura. And you're saying we can build ubuntu packages and the services come up and run?
[Nov-18 9:45 AM] urayoan irizarry: what I mean by that is offering .ovf packages with CoprHD ready to run. We need to make it easier for people not interested in coding or building.
[Nov-18 9:46 AM] urayoan irizarry: @BenPerkins Yes, it looks that way. I still need to test it to make sure, but they think they have it figured out.
[Nov-18 9:46 AM] Ben Perkins: Who is working on it? ADG?
[Nov-18 9:46 AM] Malini Bhandaru, Intel: Yes on OVF support!
[Nov-18 9:47 AM] urayoan irizarry: yes Ben.
[Nov-18 9:47 AM] urayoan irizarry: as a side project right now.
[Nov-18 9:47 AM] urayoan irizarry: but, I'll take any help they want to give. :)
[Nov-18 9:47 AM] urayoan irizarry: I think that's it from my side. Am I forgetting anything @JMW ?
[Nov-18 9:47 AM] Ben Perkins: Please forward on any information you get on that. Once it works, we'll need to make the whole team more aware of it so that we don't break it over and over again.
[Nov-18 9:48 AM] urayoan irizarry: absolutely
[Nov-18 9:48 AM] JMW: @ura I have a couple of things
[Nov-18 9:48 AM] JMW: @BenPerkins indeed
[Nov-18 9:48 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, go ahead @JMW
[Nov-18 9:48 AM] JMW: so, we're getting ready for a release, which means there's a checklist of things we need to get ready
[Nov-18 9:48 AM] JMW: this is the CoprHD Alderaan release
[Nov-18 9:49 AM] JMW: I wanted to talk about naming when I realized we were about to release something called "Darth" and I just didn't think that would look good coming from EMC :)
[Nov-18 9:49 AM] Curt Bruns: LOL
[Nov-18 9:49 AM] JMW: so, we can stay in the Star Wars Universe, I thought planets and other celestial bodies in Star Wars would be nice
[Nov-18 9:49 AM] JMW: heh ;)
[Nov-18 9:50 AM] urayoan irizarry: well, to be fair, Darth was just the internal release name. The actual release of ViPR is 2.4.
[Nov-18 9:50 AM] JMW: and there's almost the entire alphabet to work with:
[Nov-18 9:50 AM] Link: star wars universe planets - Google Search
star wars episode 2 planets
[Nov-18 9:50 AM] urayoan irizarry: They don't use names for external releases.
[Nov-18 9:50 AM] JMW: I know, but we have a ton of stuff on the wiki with "Darth" and "yoda"
[Nov-18 9:50 AM] JMW: which we have to change
[Nov-18 9:51 AM] Ben Perkins: @JMW, have you talked with internal folks about the code names? It's may get confusing having alternate code names for the same release number. Although on the other hand I guess it could help distinguish whether you were talking about ViPR or CoprHD
[Nov-18 9:51 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: slightly different thread
[Nov-18 9:51 AM] JMW: anyhoo, the release
[Nov-18 9:51 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: have you guys finalized meetup logistics w/ OSU?
[Nov-18 9:51 AM] JMW: @BenPerkins right. we're going to use release names, not numbers
[Nov-18 9:51 AM] Curt Bruns: @ANJANEYACHAGAM - @ShujinWu is confirming with Shayne today.
[Nov-18 9:51 AM] JMW: @ANJANEYACHAGAM still getting details
[Nov-18 9:51 AM] Keith Lutz: Any chance any of those planet names are going to have copywrite protection, being that they are made up?
[Nov-18 9:52 AM] JMW: so the next release cycle, which starts right after this release, is "Bespin"
[Nov-18 9:52 AM] JMW: and so on...
[Nov-18 9:52 AM] JMW: looks like we can have a "beta" release next week right before thanksgiving
[Nov-18 9:52 AM] urayoan irizarry: I do like going in alphabetical order
[Nov-18 9:52 AM] JMW: which will give folks a bit of lead time for trying out the new stuff
[Nov-18 9:52 AM] Ben Perkins: It's very googley
[Nov-18 9:52 AM] JMW: heh :)
[Nov-18 9:53 AM] JMW: and we're working with some helpful peeps from Intel to rework the web site
[Nov-18 9:53 AM] JMW: which is great. Thank you, Intel!
[Nov-18 9:53 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: @ura do u have Ubuntu steps posted somewhere on wiki?
[Nov-18 9:53 AM] JMW: so for the release itself, we're goign to announce the actual CoprHD release, as well as the adjunct projects
[Nov-18 9:54 AM] JMW: such as the SB SDK, the ScaleIO driver, and the Cinter integration
[Nov-18 9:54 AM] urayoan irizarry: no, I just got an email and a link to an internal drive. I need to test it.
[Nov-18 9:54 AM] JMW: and the corporate folks are going to issue a press release around this stuff
[Nov-18 9:54 AM] JMW: which means I could use some quotes from some of you
[Nov-18 9:54 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: what is it? entire vm w/ CoprHD s/w or steps?
[Nov-18 9:54 AM] JMW: @cebruns @ANJANEYACHAGAM @ShujinWu that means you guys :)
[Nov-18 9:55 AM] JMW: I'll send you a separate email
[Nov-18 9:55 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Lets get Shayne for OSU quotes
[Nov-18 9:55 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: I can take care.
[Nov-18 9:55 AM] urayoan irizarry: I know it's a vm, I don't know how much of coprhd is already done in there.
[Nov-18 9:55 AM] JMW: @ANJANEYACHAGAM +1
[Nov-18 9:55 AM] JMW: and finally, we're goign to have a release event, streamed online, to announce all this stuff

[Nov-18 9:55 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: @JMW that is very cool..
[Nov-18 9:55 AM] JMW: on either December 8 or 9, me and Ura will set up shop here in Hopkinton
and we'll dial in a few of you via Hangout or Webex
and stream live to YouTube
[Nov-18 9:56 AM] urayoan irizarry: I will dance...he will sing...
[Nov-18 9:56 AM] JMW: we'll have some quick presos talking about the new features, the new projects, and new license
with some quick demos as well
so I'll be in touch with the interested parties to plan out what we can actually show and what we can only talk about that's coming in the future
good things are happening :)
@ura yes!
[Nov-18 9:57 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: @ura what happened to chip chat we did in OSS Tokyo?
[Nov-18 9:57 AM] urayoan irizarry: I haven't heard from them.
[Nov-18 9:57 AM] JMW: speaking of license change... we cleared this with Intel peeps, but not sure if we got input from anyone else
we're looking to switch to Apache license for this release
thought I should probably mention that :)
[Nov-18 9:58 AM] Curt Bruns: @JMW - sounds good!
[Nov-18 9:58 AM] JMW: @ShujinWu when you contact Shayne, also mention the bit about needing a press release quote from him
[Nov-18 9:58 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: @JMW need to run w/ storage vendors - assume they will love it
[Nov-18 9:58 AM] JMW: @ShujinWu because he'll need to get approval for that
@ANJANEYACHAGAM yeah, I think so
[Nov-18 9:59 AM] Shujin Wu: @JMW Sure
[Nov-18 9:59 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Sure @JMW we will inform him
[Nov-18 9:59 AM] JMW: I will nominate some of you to present at the online event, and if I don't and you want to show something, just send me a note
@ShujinWu @VarunRajgopal thansk
[Nov-18 10:00 AM] urayoan irizarry: whoa. It's 12! :)
[Nov-18 10:00 AM] Ben Perkins: @JMW, per the conversation yesterday the license stuff is already out there on the Wiki
[Nov-18 10:01 AM] JMW: @BenPerkins cool. Just wasn't sure if everyone here was aware of that yet
[Nov-18 10:01 AM] Keith Lutz: Time flies... ;)
[Nov-18 10:01 AM] urayoan irizarry: and in the website
[Nov-18 10:01 AM] JMW: @KeithLutz I owe you an email response
@KeithLutz does the stuff I just mentioned answer most of your qeustions?
[Nov-18 10:01 AM] Keith Lutz: @JMW thx
[Nov-18 10:01 AM] urayoan irizarry: Does anyone else have anything to bring up?
[Nov-18 10:02 AM] JMW: @ura I'm good
[Nov-18 10:02 AM] Keith Lutz: @JMW will follow up with you offline
[Nov-18 10:02 AM] JMW: @KeithLutz perfect
[Nov-18 10:02 AM] bill elliott: what's the testing strategy for this release? I can talk to you offline.
[Nov-18 10:02 AM] urayoan irizarry: Sure
Thank you all for coming.
[Nov-18 10:03 AM] Curt Bruns: Bye @all!
[Nov-18 10:03 AM] JMW: see ya!
[Nov-18 10:03 AM] urayoan irizarry: see you next week.
[Nov-18 10:03 AM] Keith Lutz: Bye
[Nov-18 10:03 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Good Bye!
[Nov-18 10:04 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Bye
[Nov-18 10:04 AM] Varun Rajgopal: Thanks @all
[Nov-18 10:04 AM] Ben Perkins: Bye
[Nov-18 10:04 AM] urayoan irizarry: ************************** END Of Wednesday Nov 18 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" ****************************

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