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Executive Summary:

## Southbound SDK Update# Not much for this week, we finalized the design, still working on setting things up

 Implemented support for discovery for SDK based drivers.
 Started to test this with lightweight driver simulator which I built. 
 Reviewed designs for driver functionality from OSU students.

## Cinder QoS API is complete and ready for code review

## Vagrant Developer Environment (CoprHD + ScaleIO + Devstack) is close to completion.  Expect to post to GitHub this week.

## SDI Conference is Dec 1-3 and Reddy/Curt/Ura are presenting an overview of CoprHD

## Update of landing page will be started.  Plan is to make it look more like OpenDaylight landing page to allow quick access to "Governance", "Developers", "Community", etc.  

************************** Start Of Wednesday Nov 11 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" ****************************
[Nov-11 9:01 AM] Shujin Wu: Good morning
[Nov-11 9:02 AM] Curt Bruns: Hi!
[Nov-11 9:03 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Good morning
[Nov-11 9:04 AM] urayoan irizarry: very well, how are things in the Southbound SDK Scale IO project?
[Nov-11 9:05 AM] Evgeny Roytman: Students ready to start code development.
[Nov-11 9:05 AM] Shujin Wu: #Southbound SDK Update# Not much for this week, we finalized the design, still working on setting things up
[Nov-11 9:06 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: is the design posted?
[Nov-11 9:06 AM] Tom Watson: hi.
[Nov-11 9:06 AM] Shujin Wu: yeah, all on the wiki page
[Nov-11 9:07 AM] Evgeny Roytman: On my side: Implemented support for discovery for SDK based drivers.
 Started to test this with lightweight driver simulator which I built. 
 Reviewed designs for driver functionality from OSU students.
[Nov-11 9:07 AM] urayoan irizarry: are the dates still valid?
[Nov-11 9:08 AM] Shujin Wu: yes, still valid for now
[Nov-11 9:11 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, thanks
[Nov-11 9:11 AM] urayoan irizarry: anything else?
[Nov-11 9:11 AM] Shujin Wu: That's all for us
[Nov-11 9:11 AM] urayoan irizarry: thank you.
[Nov-11 9:12 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: plans for this week?
[Nov-11 9:12 AM] Shujin Wu: :)
[Nov-11 9:12 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: development?
[Nov-11 9:12 AM] Shujin Wu: Yes, we are working on setting the environment up
[Nov-11 9:13 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: scaleio env?
[Nov-11 9:13 AM] Shujin Wu: once the environment is ready, we will go ahead with unit tests and discover
[Nov-11 9:13 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: which env?
[Nov-11 9:14 AM] Shujin Wu: IDEs, ScaleIO
[Nov-11 9:14 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Curt - do u have Vagrant images for ScaleIO?
[Nov-11 9:15 AM] Curt Bruns: Yes - there is a Vagrant setup on GitHub for ScaleIO. I'm working on the full CoprHD+ScaleIO+Devstack single Vagrant file. Should be done today, but Scaleio only is at....
[Nov-11 9:15 AM] Curt Bruns: just a sec.
[Nov-11 9:15 AM] Curt Bruns:
[Nov-11 9:15 AM] Link: jonasrosland/vagrant-scaleio
vagrant-scaleio - Vagrant script to deploy a three node ScaleIO
[Nov-11 9:16 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Shujin are you aware of this?
[Nov-11 9:16 AM] urayoan irizarry: sweet
[Nov-11 9:16 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: How about CoprHD IDE to it?
[Nov-11 9:16 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: That will help all devs
[Nov-11 9:16 AM] Shujin Wu: sweet
[Nov-11 9:17 AM] Shujin Wu: Thank you @cebruns
[Nov-11 9:17 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: I suggest using Vagrant scripts
[Nov-11 9:17 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: this will also help us in cleaning up any bugs in Vagrant install
[Nov-11 9:18 AM] Curt Bruns: You could easily clone the CoprHD repo into that ScaleIO Vagrant, but I think you'd want to test ScaleIO on the "outside" of those VMs. Like from a CoprHD instance => ScaleIO Cluster.
[Nov-11 9:18 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Like it..
[Nov-11 9:19 AM] Curt Bruns: I've got some scripts that will setup CoprHD automatically to configure VArray, Vpool/etc using ScaleIO Cluster as the backend.
[Nov-11 9:19 AM] Shujin Wu: Actually the driver will be standalone from coprHD
[Nov-11 9:19 AM] urayoan irizarry: ooohhh fancy... :)
[Nov-11 9:19 AM] urayoan irizarry: please make a wiki page showing how you did it. It should be a good primer for new folks.
[Nov-11 9:20 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Yeah - good idea
[Nov-11 9:20 AM] Curt Bruns: Will do - trying to finish it up today and will create a HOWTO. Maybe a video? :)
[Nov-11 9:20 AM] Shujin Wu: That would be great!
[Nov-11 9:20 AM] urayoan irizarry: yeah, that too! :)
[Nov-11 9:20 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Just a side note,
[Nov-11 9:21 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: we have CoprHD presentation in SDI summit
[Nov-11 9:21 AM] Curt Bruns: Oh - @ShujinWu - you have to modify the ScaleIO vagrant file to enable the Gateway.
[Nov-11 9:21 AM] Curt Bruns: Or else CoprHD can't login.
[Nov-11 9:21 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: I would like us to show-case as much of Southbound, OpenStack integration as possible
[Nov-11 9:21 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: to demonstrate progress in the community
[Nov-11 9:21 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Can we get ScaleIO portion working at least with discovery?
[Nov-11 9:22 AM] Shujin Wu: Yes, we will
[Nov-11 9:22 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Sweet
[Nov-11 9:22 AM] Shujin Wu: When is the SDI summit?
[Nov-11 9:22 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Dec 1st
[Nov-11 9:22 AM] Shujin Wu: Okay
[Nov-11 9:23 AM] Shujin Wu: @cebruns got it,tks
[Nov-11 9:24 AM] urayoan irizarry: who's next?

[Nov-11 9:24 AM] Curt Bruns: Look at scripts/ and the code is in there, just commented out.
[Nov-11 9:24 AM] Shujin Wu: okay :)
[Nov-11 9:26 AM] urayoan irizarry: Curt, you want to go next?
[Nov-11 9:26 AM] Curt Bruns: @ura - Sure
Cinder QoS API is integrated into CoprHD now. Some questions around unit tests remain that we need Anil and/or Parash to answer.
*integrated meaning in our local branch - we still need to pull-request it upstream.
[Nov-11 9:28 AM] urayoan irizarry: right
[Nov-11 9:28 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: nice
[Nov-11 9:28 AM] Curt Bruns: Next thing is to see what other Cinder APIs need updated or implemented based on Kilo and Liberty releases. The Cinder API was based off of Juno.
Also - not sure how automated the testing is for the Cinder API/compatibility but we should look at that too.
[Nov-11 9:30 AM] urayoan irizarry: yeah, I was thinking that we may want to put our cider driver thru the same grinder as every other driver out there. You know, the third party integration tests?
[Nov-11 9:31 AM] Curt Bruns: Running Devstack tempest against CoprHD Cinder API would be nice and is our goal. Don't know how much work has been done it yet.
[Nov-11 9:31 AM] urayoan irizarry: Maybe not in the short term, but something to think about going forward, since we'll always need to keep it up to date.
Anything else?
[Nov-11 9:31 AM] Curt Bruns: No - that's it from my side.
[Nov-11 9:32 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, I'm next I think
I figured out the first part of the GUI changes
I can make it orange and say coprHD
let me see if I can show it here. I apologize in advance if it burns your eyes.
[Nov-11 9:33 AM] urayoan irizarry: [image: /Users/cebruns/Applications/]upload.png 159.6K
[image: arrow_drawer@2x.png]
[Nov-11 9:33 AM] Curt Bruns: :)
Wait - I need this one: 8)
[Nov-11 9:33 AM] urayoan irizarry: Now I'm working on making the build do the right thing based on whether it's building coprhd or vipr
[Nov-11 9:34 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: No logo?
[Nov-11 9:34 AM] urayoan irizarry: yeah, also, I figured I'd leave the text blue
[Nov-11 9:34 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: ok
[Nov-11 9:34 AM] urayoan irizarry: Vipr doesn't have the logo either, but I can try to add it if you really want it. :)
[Nov-11 9:35 AM] urayoan irizarry: Anyway, if everything goes well, then I just have to do the build thing, a wiki write up, and make the pull request. Should be done before the next meeting.
Being slow this week, been out sick
Haven't really looked at the Ubuntu build yet. Figured I'd get ONE thing done at least. :)
That's it for me.
Anyone else have anything new?
[Nov-11 9:38 AM] urayoan irizarry: ok, then, are we done for today?
[Nov-11 9:38 AM] Keith Lutz: Quick note...
[Nov-11 9:38 AM] urayoan irizarry: go ahead
[Nov-11 9:39 AM] Keith Lutz: We have an intern starting on Friday that will help with usability for the CoprHD web launch page:
[Nov-11 9:40 AM] urayoan irizarry: Cool, have him reach out to me and we'll get in sync. JMW and I are meeting tomorrow to start work on this as well.
[Nov-11 9:40 AM] Keith Lutz: Absolutely. Feedback from all on priority needs is appreciated. Our current reference design is the Open Daylight page.
[Nov-11 9:41 AM] ANJANEYA CHAGAM: Nice deal
[Nov-11 9:41 AM] Curt Bruns: That's cool.
[Nov-11 9:41 AM] Keith Lutz: That
is it for me. thx
[Nov-11 9:42 AM] urayoan irizarry: very well. Thank you all for coming.
Have a great week!
[Nov-11 9:42 AM] Ben Perkins: Thanks!
[Nov-11 9:42 AM] urayoan irizarry: ************************** END Of Wednesday Nov 11 2015 "Weekly Community meeting" ****************************

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