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Getting your accounts.

  1. For information on creating your JIRA/Wiki account and requesting Contributor access, see:
    1. Getting Accounts on CoprHD

Configure git and clone repository

  1. For an overview of our code repository look at this page:
    1. Repository Structure & Code Flow
  2. For a quick how-to guide on how to build the code, check out this page:
    1. How to Download and Build CoprHD

Claim your work issue

  1. Talk to the team (google groups and/or hipchat) and decide between you and the teams what you will be working on.
    1. Go to JIRA and assign the ticket to yourself or the ticket may be assigned to you by the team. 
    2. If there is not a ticket for the work you want to do, then create one and assign it to yourself.
  2. For more information on JIRA and how we're using it, check out this page:
    1. JIRA structure and workflow for CoprHD

Do work

  1. Make your code changes in a working branch

Create pull request

  1. Once your work is finished and you have pushed your code up to your working branch, you can now create your pull request.
  2. Here's a tutorial from Atlassian on how to do pull requests.  
  3. Please include on the problem, solution, testing, etc. in the description of your Pull Request as described here:
    1. Managing the code check-in process
  4. Make sure to sign the Developer Certification of Origin (“DCO”) as explained here.
    1. Developer Certificate Of Origin Requirement For CoprHD

Code review

  1. Once you create your pull request, it will be built by the continuous integration system. 
    1. The CI system will send an approval to Stash as part of the code review. 
      1. if it doesn't build, it won't be approved to start the formal code review process.
    2. For more information on the code review process go here.
    3. Once everything is good and approved, a committer will merge the code into the master branch.









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