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If all you wish to do is experiment with the CoprHD source, you don't need an account at all.  You can simply follow the How to Build and Run CoprHD steps to download the source anonymously.  But if you wish to report a bug, request a feature, or make contributions yourself, you'll need login credentials.

Basic Access to JIRA

Your first step in getting increased access to CoprHD is to sign up for a JIRA account.

Once you complete the self-signup process, you'll have sufficient access to the JIRA system to create bug reports or feature requests in the CoprHD (COP) project.

If you intend to become a CoprHD Contributor, it's important to use your legal name while signing up, in keeping with CoprHD's DCO Requirement.

Contributor Access to CoprHD

If you wish to contribute code to CoprHD, you'll want to request CoprHD Contributor access.  

To request contributor access:

  1. Create a JIRA account as described above and log in.
  2. From within JIRA, select CREATE and enter the following values.
    1. Project: CoprHD Access (CA)
    2. Issue Type: Work Request
    3. Summary: Request for CoprHD Contributor Access
    4. Components: JIRA/Wiki, Stash
    5. Description: Please grant me Contributor Access to CoprHD
    6. Select the CREATE button at the bottom of the screen  to complete the JIRA creation

Once your request is processed, you will have expanded access to the project JIRA & Wiki, plus read-write access to the CoprHD Stash Repository.

There is presently no single sign-on between the CoprHD JIRA/Wiki accounts and the Stash accounts.  A Stash account named identically to your JIRA account will be created and you will receive email inviting you to set a password there.

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