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Question:  What’s the relationship between CoprHD and EMC ViPR Controller?

Answer:  CoprHD is the open source development project based on EMC ViPR Controller.   Unlike other open source projects, the commercial product, EMC ViPR Controller was available first.  Going forward, ViPR Controller will be based on the development project CoprHD and will continue to be available as a commercial product from EMC.


Question: Why has EMC moved ViPR Controller to an open source development model as project CoprHD?

Answer:  Making ViPR Controller available as the CoprHD project in the open source community allows customers, partners, service providers, systems integrators and even other storage vendors to download, expand and contribute to ViPR Controller's breadth and depth of features and functions. 


Question:  How can I become a contributor to the CoprHD project?

Answer:  Anyone can become a contributor by downloading the code and signing up.  The source code will be available around June. Check out the developers starting guide


Question:  What’s the governance model for CoprHD?

Answer:  CoprHD will be composed of a technical steering committee, committers, and contributors. Also, there will be a thread on our google group where you can be part of the conversation. For more info, go here.


Question:  What is the license type for CoprHD?

Answer:  CoprHD is being made available under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (ALv2).  This is a widely adopted and popular open source license. To learn more about it, please refer to


Question:  What tools are available for development support?

Answer:  Development support tools are Google Groups and Hip Chat.  We will also be monitoring Stack Overflow for questions and answers.  For details about specific software tools being used in the development of the project, go here.


Question:  What support is provided for CoprHD?

Answer:  CoprHD is released as open source software and comes with no commercial support. Obviously, the open source community will support each other and you can come to HipChat, the google groups, or stack overflow for any questions or issues. 



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  1. Hi Ura, if I can understand, going forward ViPR Controller will be based on CoprHD project which is the open source stream and it will also be based on the commercial stream. I don't remember seeing a product released/available in both commercial as well in the open source stream. So wondering if the strategy to go in both direction is for a short term? If you could shed some light in that area, that would be great.


    1. Check out this page that talks about redhat, fedora and CentOS. I think this is sort of what we're looking to do with CoprHD.


  2. Hello everyone:

    Please don't take my opinion on what I thought to be a good example to the question two months ago as gospel. I assure you, it is not. I was only using the redhat case as an example of a project that has both a commercial and an open source release. I was not making a statement of how things will actually run in CoprHD.

    Thank you,