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 CoprHD India team conducted first Developer Summit on Thursday, the 5th of Nov. 34 students and 4 faculty from 7 colleges participated in the summit. The goal was to get the attendees hands-on experience on CoprHD. Most of the participants were from 3rd year Engineering and having completed the prep-work before coming for the summit, they were highly engaged throughout the day. 


The day began with an inspirational speech from Sanjay Rajashekar, Sr Director, ASD. He emphasized how the participants can leverage the opportunity to become better professionals. Sandeep Bhasin Director, Engineering stressed on how students have the opportunity to work on enterprise open source software development with active mentor-ship from industry experts.  Eve Scott-ludwig, Vice President, Cloud Infrastructure Group also had a brief interaction with the community and appreciated the initiative.

Mallari Kulkarni presented the statistics of India’s contribution to open source contribution vis-a-vis US and EUROPE motivating the participants to change India’s landscape in open source contribution through CoprHD.   He also talked about the CoprHD India Community objectives initiative. Manoj Jain  briefed CoprHD architecture overview - in complete professor style, started off  by asking various storage questions related to smart phone storage, USB storage etc. He then gave a complete walk through CoprHD-Architecture with did deep dive on Controller, DB, Portal, Catalog services. He conveyed the subject in a simple, direct manner facilitating their understanding.


Post lunch, Dhanaraj, Prabhu   did a live demo through what new developers will do on day one which included Deployment of CoprHD, Deployment of Simulator, Launching UI , Portal Services. This ended with demo of provisioning storage. This was followed by overview of typical day of CoprHD developer lifecycle by  Kumar, Thondukulam. This included development Environment setup (Eclipse), Understanding bug assignment (JIRA), identifying code fix; review and code commit process overview. 

These sessions ended with a quiz conducted by Mallari Kulkarni with Manoj Jain  giving away goodies to those who answered accurately. Mallari Kulkarni & Sandeep Bhasin handed over the “Summit Participation Certificate” to all participants. As there were 6 colleges, each college was assigned a mentor - Manager and Tech lead from EMC. Students were divided in groups and they did the hands-on and understood the type of projects. Students have been asked to do the same hands-on in Universities and report for further task assignments. Special thanks to Peter Graves in setting these VM's. Without these VM, hands-on development would not have been possible.

On 22nd –Nov-2015  Mallari Kulkarni and Kumar, Thondukulam conducted second summit  in BITS-Pilani Hyderabad.

On 24th-Nov-2015  Dhanaraj, Prabhu conducted third summit  for BIT- Meerut students.

Special thanks to Shray Madan and EMC Academic Alliance team for co-ordinating with all universities and making it successful.

In Nov-2015,  India team conducted 3 Summits and 75 participants attended from 8 universities.


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