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The next version of CoprHD, 2.4, is almost ready. It will feature support for XtremIO 4, ECS, and more. If you want to try it out before it's GA, read on.

  • Start with the instructions for How to Download and Build CoprHD
  • When you get to the "Get the Source" section, "git clone" as usual
  • You'll need to get the 2.4 release branch
    • git branch bugfix-COP-18081-coprhd-rebranding-effort
    • git checkout bugfix-COP-18081-coprhd-rebranding-effort
    • git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/bugfix-COP-18081-coprhd-rebranding-effort
    • git pull
  • Everything else should work the same as a regular release


When CoprHD 2.4 beta is up and running, you should be able to see the login portal, and it should say "CoprHD". If it says ViPR, something is wrong.

Report any errors you find on the CoprHD JIRA instance.

Easier Install via Vagrant

One of the great new projects that's currently in process is easing the install. We're looking at creating software images/appliances and we're also happy to report a Vagrant-based install.

See the project below contributed by Curt Bruns from Intel that bundles CoprHD with DevStack and ScaleIO:



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