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We are pleased to announce the general availability of CoprHD 3.0.This release contains significant new features, and is the first release to ship with community contributions. For details on the release please refer to the following:

Download a CoprHD 3.0 Appliance

The simplest way to get CoprHD up and running is to download an appliance.  For your convenience we'd made it available in a number of popular appliance formats including VMware (vSphere & Workstation), VirtualBox, and a few others that are less well tested. Follow the link below to find your preferred format.

CoprHD- Appliances

Deploy Using Vagrant

Christopher Banck ([GitHub user vchrisb]( created an easy-to-use Vagrant-based setup for CoprHD. Take a look below:

Intel engineer Curt Bruns added a ScaleIO configuration to the above so you can deploy CoprHD and a ScaleIO backend to discover, provision, and use for block volume operations.

Build from Source

Recommended for more experienced developers who don't want to use a vagrant based virtual machine or appliance. Right now it's only confirmed to work on openSUSE, although there is work in progress to make CoprHD available on Ubuntu.

Install the RPM for openSUSE

Recommended for experienced users who don't want to use a vagrant based virtual machine or appliance. This is only slightly less work than building from source, because you still have the same dependencies to install from the steps above. Right now we only know how to build RPMs for OpenSUSE 13.x. If you'd like to take a look at using it with other operating systems, we'd like to hear from you.


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