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What did we do well in this Sprint?

  • Good active discussions e.g. array types, host files
  • Pre planning before sprint helped
  • Useful to have overall planning/backlog refinement given the number of sprints that we have before code freeze.
  • Did a quick code review meeting with Priya/Sonali to give context on large refactoring change and it helped speed the code review process

What should we have done better in this Sprint?

  • Didn't get feedback on UI implementation for some items until after the changes were done and some things needed to be changed.  

Previous Sprint Commitment:

  • Do not plan implementation stories in an active sprint until the design is reviewed and finalized.  Also, pre-plan implementation work two sprints ahead so that Hannah, for example, can plan design work ahead of the implementation.
  • Plan out the usability testing in more detail so that the goals can drive us toward usability.
  • More backlog refinement

What will the team commit to improving in the next Sprint?

  • Get early feedback from UX/Hannah during implementation of UI changes instead of waiting until the end of the sprint.

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  1. Sonali SahuBala, Keerthi (HOP)sullivan, shane Periaswamy, PriyaAlik SaringHanna Yehuda: Please get together and hold your sprint retrospective and capture your comments. Thanks! The link to the Sprint report is specified above.